14 Kitchen Drawer Alternatives to Increase Your Storage Space

Last updated on February 7, 2024

Running out of drawer space? Here are the kitchen drawer alternatives for storage. Here’s what you do to all the flatware and other small kitchen items when there is no more drawer space left. Read on!

Believe it or not, some tiny kitchens come with no drawers at all (and some have all drawers and no cabinets). This can happen when you have small counters that only hold cabinets. Even if you have some drawers, but the space is running short, you can use alternative storage solutions.

So, have you ever wondered where you should put your cutlery? If you have a large family or live alone, you might be wondering whether you need another place to put them.

Kitchen drawers are often limited by the countertop and cupboard space available. This means that you either have to sacrifice some of your precious countertop space or get creative with your storage options.

There are several ways to organize your kitchen utensils without using drawers. The key is finding the solution that fits your lifestyle and budget. Here are five simple ideas to consider.

What's Inside

Plastic Containers

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Are you looking for ways to organize your kitchen without having to spend too much money? If yes, you should consider buying some plastic containers or even using old ones.

Kitchen storage is vital because it helps us to save space and time. For example, if you don’t have enough room to put away your utensils, you can always use plastic containers instead.

Plastic containers come in various sizes and shapes. Some are designed specifically for storing food, while others are meant for other purposes such as organizing spices or keeping your keys safe.

Wall Mounted Baskets

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Rustic wood and metal wall baskets are great for organizing flatware and cooking utensils. You can label them with specific categories, so you know what goes into each basket.

The best thing about these baskets is that they look good on the walls. They also provide a place for displaying decorative objects.

You can find many different styles and designs of wall-mounted baskets at most home improvement stores. It would be a good idea to choose one that will match the style of your house.

Countertop Storage Rack

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If you want to keep things organized but still enjoy the beauty of natural wood, you can opt for a countertop rack. These racks are similar to pantry organizers and are not only beautiful but also practical.

They can hold up to three shelves and are easy to clean. The best part about this storage system is that you can easily customize it by adding more shelves whenever needed.

Countertop Caddy

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A desktop caddy is a great way to organize your desk. You can keep everything organized and separated by category. This helps you see what you need to get done.

It comes in handy when you need to store silverware and kitchen utensils. You can buy a new one or repurpose an old one. Either way, it works well for organizing your workspace.

Floating Shelves

kitchen floating shelves

Floating shelves add style and personality. They don’t take up much room, and they’re easy to move around. You can put them anywhere you want.

You can even use them to display decorative objects, collectibles, or even books. If you need more storage space, you can use the available wall space to add more of these shelves.

Kitchen Pegboard

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Pegboards are great because they organize your kitchen tools functionally and aesthetically. You won’t have to search through multiple drawers to find your whisk. Instead, all of your kitchen tools will be right there where you need them.

Rolling Kitchen Cart

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Rolling carts are great for storing things in a small kitchen. You can also use them as an extra table. They are very stylish and can be used in any room in your house.

You should always use the kitchen cart if you have a small kitchen. These clever ways will help you save space in your kitchen.

Baskets on the Counter

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Counters are usually crowded with clutter. To avoid this problem, you can use baskets to separate your countertops. You can use baskets to organize your spices, plates, and cups. 

There are several different types of baskets that work perfectly for this purpose. Choose one that matches your kitchen decor.

Rods for Dish Towels

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Towel rods are perfect for keeping towels neat. You can add them to the side of a cabinet or on the wall near the counters.

Wall Hooks

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Hanging hooks are great for hanging towels and other linens. You can also use these to organize your kitchen utensils.

Under-shelf Brackets

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If you don’t have space under your shelves, you can use under-shelf brackets to hang flatware and utensils under the shelves.

Shelf Baskets

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If you don’t have any extra space, you could try using shelf baskets instead. They’re available from most hardware stores and come in different sizes, depending on what you want to store.

Repurposed Crates

kitchen crate

A repurposed crate is a great way to store small items like spices, tea, coffee mugs, cans, etc. It’s a simple project that will take less than half an hour to complete.

If All Else Fails, Keep Things Out

kitchen items on the countertop

Keep items on the countertop if all else fails. That way, you can quickly grab whatever you need without having to dig through a bunch of stuff. It’s not a pretty solution having things lying around, but you can still use a few beautiful boxes to organize everything.


Can you have a kitchen without drawers?

Yes! There are many different options for kitchens without drawers. For example, floating shelves can hold cookbooks, cutting boards, and other kitchen necessities. 

How do you store silverware without drawers?

Silverware can be stored in a variety of places. One option is to keep it in a basket. Another option is to use a rolling cart. Or, you can use a pegboard to organize your silverware.

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