What You Must Know About Bedroom Drawers

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Just as kitchen planning, you need to list down items that should be stored in the bedroom and work out a suitable plan on drawers placement. With the availability of difference types of bedroom drawers, the task at hand is always to calculate drawer-space required.

Types of drawers fit for all bedrooms:

1. Traditional vintage drawers and wardrobes

These have reigned the drawer-world for centuries and still maintained their elegance.They are uniquely despicable due to their elegance and spaciousness. However, they are suitable for storage of duvets, blankets and heavy jumpers.

2. Free standing drawers

Mainly categorized of the low and wide bedroom drawers.Due to their wideness, they are suitable for storage of shoes,mats and other items of your choice. However, for smaller rooms one need to source for the tall drawer with many shelves. The latter is suitable for lingeries and smaller items.

3. Under-bed drawers

Some beds like the Drawer Pedestal Bed and Divan Bed come with fitted drawers. Shun your worries since they can still be fitted for you. Never underestimate the space under your bed, its valuable.

4. Wall wardrobes and fitted drawers

The current interior designers incorporate the idea of inbuilt drawers. It not only save you ample space but give your room a divine look. Mainly for storage of jewelry and lighter items like trousers and t-shirts

What to consider while sourcing for your bedroom drawers:

1. Material its made of

Wooden drawers are ever sought. However, different woods are used hence a difference in look, strength and quality. The commonly used woods are mahogany, camphor and maple.

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2.Mobility of movable drawers

If purchasing a free standing drawer and under-bed drawers, they should be transferable from place to place.

3. Upgradeable inbuilt drawers

If inbuilt, they should be easily upgradeable with little effort and able to move with the latest trends with great ease.

In a nutshell, purchasing bedrooms drawers should be done after considering the your bedroom space, items to be stored and the current trend in the drawer-world.