The farmhouse style is cozy, relaxing and can be customized to suit a modern or traditional aesthetic. In fact, this interior style is so beautiful and versatile you can effortlessly infuse bits of virtually any design style you prefer. The farmhouse style has rustic elements in it while being simultaneously relaxed and light. It does not heavily depend on the use of wood. This serves to lighten the weight of the space and evoke a feeling of both informality and modernity.

In addition, the style makes use of elements such as a classic fireplace and cozy fabrics to bring warmth and comfort to the space. Below are some farmhouse living room décor ideas. These ideas can be used to bring some farmhouse charm and unbelievable style to one of the most important communal spaces in your home. You will certainly feel the farmhouse vibe in each of these remarkable designs.

Transformed TV Hutch

White paint was used to transform this hutch into a piece fit for fabulous farmhouse living. Its transformation has made it fit for its role as a centerpiece.

Layered Living Room

This beautifully layered living room is filled with eye-catching delights and each piece exquisitely complements the other.  The dough bowl centerpiece adds character to the space.

Charming Custom Bookshelves

These bookshelves, with their tasteful accessories, are adding both interest and coziness to this intricately designed space.  The wooden shelves on the white L brackets create a beautiful contrast.

Rustic Farmhouse Fabulousness

This space is filled with scavenged items that have been beautifully repurposed to create a comfortably cozy space.  It beckons to the weary with a promise of relaxation.

Perfectly Patterned Living Space

This space perfectly displays how to tastefully mix patterns and textures.  From the chevron chair to the rustic ladder covered in complimentary throws, this space is amazing.

Light, Bright and Beautiful

The classic lines of these wonderful white chairs set the perfect tone for the light, airy living room that has been created.

A Vision of Loveliness

The styles and textures in this divinely designed space have combine to successfully create a look that’s classic, yet nostalgic and simple, yet stylishly elegant.

Creatively Crafted Coffee Table

This handcrafted coffee table is majestic in its simplicity.  It masterfully combines natural and painted wood and offers a contrast so awesome it effortlessly embodies the farmhouse style.

Character and Charm in Armchairs

These wonderfully worn wicker chairs bring much character and depth to this living space.  They are also a perfect complement to the wooden floor.

Lovely Ladder Shelf

This grand ladder shelf provides a lot of space for the display of your favorite accessories.  The possibilities are limitless when it comes to choosing your décor items.

Tremendously Terrific Table

This wonderfully weathered handmade table and benches in the corner of the space bring both function and aesthetic appeal to this farmhouse living room.

Small Space, Big Style

This living room exudes a vibe of simplicity and comfort.  Its understated style creates the ideal space for this eye-catching and craftily designed two-toned coffee table.

Grandiose Grandeur

This living room displays style from its floor up.  The white on white design, with its walls and furniture, is blissfully complemented by wooden elements around the space.

Fantastic Farmhouse Living Space

This fantastic space is a delight and its visual impact is crisp and refreshing; from the chairs to the coffee table and the hutch in the background.

Fashionable Farmhouse Flawlessness

From its eye-catching entertainment console to its farmhouse style coffee table and floating shelves, this space exudes marvelous perfection.  The accessories beautifully tie the room together.

Quaint and Unquestionably Awesome

There is no denying the amazing appeal of this quaint and wonderful farmhouse oasis.  The awesome coffee table centerpiece adds incredible flair to the room.

Remarkable Rustic Retreat

This beautiful and cozy retreat seems to have an open invitation for those who would like to just hang out and soak up some well-needed comfort.

Black, White and Beautiful

From the industrial cart in its new role as a coffee table to the perfectly placed pillows and other accessories, this space is blissfully breathtaking.

Incredibly Inviting

The crisp, clean look and feel of this space is designed to welcome its users and invite them into its cohesively cozy environs.

Accessorized Amazingness

This space perfectly exemplifies how tastefully acquired accessories, like these bucket planters, can add unexpected delight and take a room to the next level of awesomeness.

Marvelous Mantelpiece

The fireplace is the natural centerpiece in practically any living space and this one is no exception.  The accessories on the mantle amplify its awesomeness.

A Peaceful Portrayal of Hominess

This space seems to echo the sentiment that home is truly where the heart is and sometimes peace and quiet is all that the soul requires.

Charming and Comfortable

The gas fireplace brings old world charm to this cozy living room.  The various textures and patterns also add to its comfortable vibe.

Cheerful, Bright and Downright Delightful

There is nothing quite like a bright and cheerful room to lift the spirit and rev up the relaxation factor.

Classically Modern

The classic modern look of this space creatively combines the modern organic look and the modern farmhouse style.  Its mix of modern and antique pieces is simply sublime.

Soul-stirring Serenity

This white living space with its touches of wood definitely beckons the soul to find stillness. This is greatly assisted by the eucalyptus and other wonderful accessories.

Fantastic Focal Wall

This focal wall in this living space is contributing remarkably to the overall beauty of the space.  The dark accessories add interest and charm to its neutral colors.

Modern Meets Farmhouse Charm

The simple, yet elegant look of this TV stand and the overall space are perfect examples of the coziness that epitomizes the farmhouse design.

Warm and Sunny Atmosphere

With its oversized and artfully-displayed rustic clock, cozy couch and beautiful accessories, this living room is the embodiment of warmth, comfort and relaxation.

Nice and Neutral

The wall color embraces the farmhouse-meets-modern country living room. This space has more modern features than farmhouse ones but all in all, it is a beauty to behold.