Hampton Style Home and How to Achieve This Look for Your Home

Last updated on November 28, 2023

With the busy and hectic life that modern people have today, it’s always nice to go home in a relaxing haven with a classic natural theme of Hamptons style. It’s inspired by the beautiful architecture of holiday homes in Long Island, New York’s exclusive holiday destination. 

The Hampton style is a popular home style in Australia today, and its introduction became an instant hit. And why not? Nobody can resist the relaxing home styling with ocean-inspired blues, a fresh palette of white, and other neutral-colored linens, white timber finishes, and natural textures, perfect for Australian homes. 

In this post, you’ll learn how to achieve a Hampton style for your home.

What's Inside

Make Walls Stunning with White Paint and White Timber Moldings

The Hamptons decorating wall can be achieved with a white paint color palette of your choice in a sheen finish. This makes your home look fresh, modern, and welcoming. You can achieve this by using vivid white wall paint.

Add elegance and free-flowing style by decorating your walls with Hampton style timber profiles. Generally, the interior moldings that are perfect for Hamptons style homes are high skirting boards with beautiful wall wainscoting and rounded profile features.

Hamptons Style Flooring

Instead of a tile floor, a classic timber floor stands out to achieve a Hamptons home with lighter oak flooring. It’s light, airy, and beautiful, which is in contrast with the white wall color, suited to Australia’s sunny climate.

Here are some tips when decorating the floor to achieve a Hampton style home:

  • Natural floor coverings, such as blue and white striped rugs, make a perfect feature in your living room. Just make sure that the rug or carpet extends underneath your lounge setting for your family members and guests to really feel and see its impact.
  • If you’re not into hardwood floors, you might consider pale natural limestone, natural or pale travertine, or premium quality porcelain tile, which mimics the limestone for Hampton houses. 

Natural and Artificial Lighting

As much as possible, you should allow natural light to enter your home through skylights and windows. However, if such renovation is not feasible, you can work on your artificial lighting through layered lighting with a combination of accent lighting (like table lamps), wall lights, ambient lighting (controlled by dimmer switches), and task lighting for reading nooks. 

Decorate your living space with table lamps in a basket weave for a casual look or ceramic-made with empire or drum-shaped linen lampshades. 

For window treatments, sheer curtains and soft color palette blinds are the best choices. Keep your window treatments light, neutral, and comfortable to look at. While you can always use blackout curtains, avoid heavy velvet drapes in bold colors.

Pick Hampton Style Furniture

Hamptons-style furniture pieces tend to be relaxed, giving a feeling that you’re on the beach. You can achieve this look by coordinating oversized accent chairs in beige and soft blues. 

Here are some tips when choosing Hampton style furniture:

  • A blue sofa is a great focal point in a Hampton style home. Because this home-style mimics the relaxing feel and look of the coastal atmosphere, make sure that you have a blue-themed sofa by investing in a royal blue sofa or blue and white striped throw pillows.
  • You can add natural wood, such as a coffee table with a matching plush textured rug. 
  • Choose a classic style, timeless, and understated piece, like a roll-armed sofa. Match your sofa with complimentary chairs, like over-sized wing chairs and ottomans.
  • Go with neutral tones, so your home décor and furniture pieces work well. 
  • For your dining table, pick one with pedestal legs because the Hampton style withstands the test of time. 
  • It’s a good idea to place island benches in your outdoor living space for entertaining and gathering with crisp blue-striped awnings for a beach-like surrounding over the pool and entertaining areas. 

Create a Hampton Style Kitchen

You can achieve a Hamptons kitchen interior design style with a sense of comfort, elegance, livability, and function by choosing neutral colors, like ivory and white for the walls, and accent colors for the minute kitchen details in gray or blue tones. Also, using natural materials is important, such as marble countertops and wood plank floors, for a free-flowing, bright, and airy feel.

Here are some tips and tricks to achieve a Hampton style kitchen: 

  • Cabinetry: Choose Shaker-style doors for your kitchen cabinets because this style has simple lines, clean, and comes with a sense of timelessness. It’s also possible to integrate French provincial design elements with turned legs or corbel details. 

While most Hamptons kitchen cabinets are white, you can also try grey, or light blue painted cabinets.

  • Center Island: Installing a center island draws the eyes to the central area and add additional space for dining and entertaining. You can integrate color contrast in your center island, like painting the parameters with white and paint the island cabinetry with blue or black.
  • Architectural Elements: To achieve a complete Hampton style kitchen, add timber details on the ceilings. Consider adding this element to your next kitchen renovation project. 
  • Backsplash: For a distinctive and interesting design element, incorporate a pattern into your kitchen tile backsplash and consider installing a large farmhouse sink that’s functional and enduring.

Hampton Style Bedroom 

Like other parts of the house, make sure to paint the walls of your bedroom in a neutral color, preferably white. Decorate your bedroom with white, blue, or gray tone home decors. You can work on your bedding, pillowcases, and bed frame. 

Here are some tips and tricks to achieve a Hampton style bedroom:

  • An upholstered bed such as an ambassador bed is a great choice, but you can also opt-in for a wood bed.
  • Place a bed ottoman at the foot of your bed.
  • Navy-colored bed linen works well with a white-painted bedroom.
  • Opt for natural fabrics for your cushions, quilts, throw pillows, and comforters, like soft cotton or linen to keep you comfortable and keep everything breathable so you can enjoy restful nights.

When decorating a Hamptons style home, keep in mind that this classic style is based upon the upmarket beach houses on an expensive stretch of beach on the US East Coast. That’s why you should keep everything low key, understated, and natural without a high glossy finished or glitzy look. 

Choose neutral colors and natural materials, like wood and marble. Also, pick furniture pieces that are durable and comfortable with a timeless look. In that way, you can fully enjoy going home and experience the laid-back luxury of the East Coast with such a relaxing home-style every time. 

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