17 Creative Living Room with a Leather Sofa Decorating Ideas

Last updated on March 31, 2021

Do you have a leather sofa in your living room? Do you want to decorate around it in style? Here are the best ideas for every color of leather.

Decorating around a leather couch depends on its color. The most popular colors include brown (dark or light), beige, black, white, and even blue or red sofas. The choice determines what color scheme and also the style of the interior you’re going to use. So it’s essential to understand several concepts of decor when using such a piece of furniture.

Granted, luxury couches, such as a leather sofa, may not be a sensible option at first glance. However, know that this piece of furniture remains to be a superior choice for homeowners. Some may initially prefer the classy appearance of these sofas, but soon you’ll discover there are also benefits in opting for leather.  If you’re still unsure about leather sofas, don’t worry since we’ve got you covered.

And we’ve got you covered, and we offer you the best ideas on how to decorate your living room if you have a leather sofa in any color. Check these out and find something for your room.

What's Inside

Black Leather and Natural Wood

black leather sofa

Black is classic and neutral, so the array of decor choices is extensive. In this case, using lots of natural wood elements creates a harmonious interior. The designer has chosen the area rug well by using grey and blueish tones as the transition from black to natural wood colors and blue chair accents.

Blue Leather and Orange Accents

Blue for the leather color is a rare choice, but it makes the decor uniquely eclectic. We can see here a whole explosion of color across the palette. The collision of blue and yellow is evident, and it creates so much drama.

Beige Leather and Concrete

This is a fun combination of classy beige leather and rough concrete texture as well as fur and laces. Such a combination of luxe and rustic styles create drama and character. And yet the interior looks harmonious.

Classic Elements

Here we can see almost all the traditional elements of luxury in decor. We’re talking about beige leather, marble tabletops, and plenty of use of the classic black and white colors.

Brown Leather Tradition

This traditional interior has a luxe theme written across. But at the same time, we can see the designer trying to make it feel cozy. The expensive leather sofas aren’t “in your face” as soothed with familiar picture art, greenery, and earthy colors.

Black and Lucid

One might argue that the big black leather sofa with two ottomans to boot is too heavy for this light and airy room. Even lucid side table is used to keep the space open. The couch is the focal point and the anchor to this room.

Modern Lines

This interior is all about keeping it modern. It’s open, clean, and it uses crisp lines – all qualities of contemporary design. So the grey leather sectional is a natural choice in this room.

Beige Macrame

As we’ve seen before, beige leather can mean two things. First, it’s luxurious and classic. It can be the feature of modern and traditional decor alike. But it’s also an earthy color that works with natural textures and decor elements. As seen in this picture.

Luxury Throws

More luxe accents here. If you want your leather sofa to look even more expensive than it is, throw a fur (can be faux) blanket casually on it.

Read Leather Extravaganza

No matter how you look at it, a leather red sofa is extravagant. There’s no way of hiding it. You get one only if you want to be fancy in your living room decor. So make the most of it.

Rustic But Fancy

It’s the perfect way to create a cozy family getaway but keep the luxe side of it too. You have the expense to spare when getting leather sofas, so you want to emphasize it. While natural wood is rustic, the natural leather furniture is fancy. This room is full of character.

Divide the Open Plan

This is a stunning open plan kitchen design with rustic natural wood features, classic white cabinetry, gorgeous walnut kitchen furniture, and the living area comprised of dark brown leather sectional. It’s cozy and luxurious at the same time.

Traditional Accent

We like making a feature of a leather sofa. After all, it’s likely the most expensive piece in the room. Doing it by the way of accent color is the most straightforward technique. Take note of how this traditional room enjoys a vibrant leather sofa.

Eclectic Rustic

We love an eclectic design. This room has it all. From cozy rustic features, vintage furniture, chic accents, and of course the dark brown leather sofa. It’s stunning.

Cream Leather Art Deco

One way to make a small room with not many features to offer remarkable is to use the help of art deco. The cream leather sofa doesn’t provide the accent and blends in the background, so the vibrant accent rug and oversize wall art do the trick.

White Leather Classic

This very classic interior pleases the eye. We can see simple features creating a harmonious and cozy look. Lots of wood, some modern accents, and the lovely white leather sofa. It’s brilliant.

Mix and Match

A lot of mixing and matching is going on in this contemporary interior. We have impressive classic features, modern furniture, and of course, the dark sofa juxtaposed with white furniture.

The Takeaway

Overall, those who favor a leather sofa are primarily drawn with the material’s texture, appearance, and endurance. While some faux leather may feature a few of these qualities, it may not include all.  

Opting for leather sofas may benefit those individuals with allergies since the material doesn’t collect pet dander, dust mites, and any other allergens. Likewise, this particular sofa can provide a natural elegance inside a room that may be difficult to achieve with a fabric sofa. Most of all, if you’re an individual who loves modern or contemporary design, selecting leather sofas will give you a high-end and stylish look for your room.  Lastly, remember that leather is simple to clean. You only need to rub down or lightly dust your sofa a few times a year. As mentioned earlier, the material is sturdy, and when you care for it properly, it’ll last you for generations.

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