Kitchen organization is one of the keys to great kitchen decor. You can’t have a visually appealing space with pans, pots, utensils or food lying randomly around – it’s absolutely crucial to get everything in order and do it in a stylish way. It is especially true with small kitchens and organizing them can pose quite a challenge more often than not.

If you’re a crafty person and like to take up an occasional DIY project, you’ve probably already tried a trick or two to improve your kitchen. If you haven’t, this is your chance to get started. Here are 15 brilliant DIY kitchen organization ideas that will help you organize your kitchen and make it look pretty at the same time.

Pullout Baking Sheet Drawer

Build and add an organizer drawer to a kitchen cabinet for baking sheets, trays and other thin utensils. It’s easily accessible and enables you to put all your sheets away neatly in one place.

Double Waste Sorting Bin

Trash bins in the kitchen are best hidden out of sight and this little project allows you to have two bins for waste sorting and recycling. It makes a pretty unit which can be used as a bench and an attractive decor feature.

Cabinet Plate Rack

You can store your plates in a cabinet stacked in a pile, or better yet build this rack to store them horizontally in an easily accessible way. It also helps the plates dry out quicker and better after washing them. As a built-in storage solution it doesn’t take up extra space either.

Burlap Can Organizer

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Burlap Can Organizer @istandarddesign

There are many ways to organize small things in the kitchen but this DIY project is particularly cute and very simple to make. All you need is a can and a piece of burlap fabric to cover it. You get a cute rustic organizer.

Utensil Rack IKEA Hack

IKEA products can be used in ways they weren’t originally intended for, which makes great inexpensive hacks for your home. This utensil rack is made from Sultan Lade bed base. Brilliant.

Murphy Bar

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Murphy Bar @istandarddesign


A Murphy bar is a great functional piece of furniture for small spaces and you can build one for your small kitchen too. The brilliant design of a cabinet that folds down to a bar will give you more than just storage space.

Produce Stand

This small but efficient produce stand will take just a corner of free space but it will give you the ability to not only store fresh produce but put it on display in your kitchen too.

Hidden Storage Cabinet

You can use the space between the fridge and the wall to install this pull-out hidden storage cabinet. It uses dead space and gives you ample space to store jars, cans and other small items.

Hanging Basket Charging Station

This particular DIY charging station idea uses Ikea Fintorp kitchen organizer series but you can use any type of basket to hang it near a power outlet to create a space to charge your gadgets. Make it look chic.

Serving Tray

This DIY serving tray is easy to make and it’s a very chic way to add some style to entertaining your guests or just add another decor piece to your kitchen.

If you don’t like cutting wood, here’s an easier project with as good a result as the previous one. All you need is an old cutting board and a pair of handles, you can apply wood finish for a complete look farmhouse.

Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer

If you can find a vintage cheese grater, you can repurpose it into this awesome rustic style kitchen organizer.

Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

You know how messy utensil drawers can get and finding something that you need in a disorganized pile can be quite impossible. Here’s how to organize it the DIY way.

Kitchen Pegboard

A pegboard actually makes a great kitchen organizer and all you need is some empty wall space (which is usually plenty of in most kitchens) to put those pots, pans and utensils on display. It’s unexpected but makes a brilliant decor feature.

Chic Tea Chest

Turn the Ikea Moppe mini chest into a chic style tea chest which will make an adorable decor item in your kitchen. The coloring of the drawers in this example matches the types of tea that each of them stores.

Spice Drawer Organizer

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Spice Drawer Organizer @istandarddesign


A simple yet brilliant idea to create a spice organizer in any drawer. Build it and arrange your spice jars in a very accessible way.

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