Summer is quickly approaching. The days are getting longer and the temperature is gradually turning warmer. Plants are in bloom, and the outdoors seems to be beckoning. These days are perfect for backyard barbecues and casual social outings complete with refreshing, ice-cold lemonades and storytelling while gathered with friends and family around your very own DIY fire pit.

The popularity of outdoor crafting has grown immensely throughout the past few years, and countless blogs and webpages can provide a prime resource for easy to follow instructions on how to create your own backyard oasis. Large and small, table top DIY fire pits serve as innovative lighting solutions, fun conversation pieces, and yet another reason to get outdoors and have some fun this summer.

DIY Concrete Fire Pit

While this may appear complicated upon first glance, the concrete fire bowl in an easy project made from inexpensive materials – so much cheaper than purchasing a commercially produced version! All you need is two bowls of varying sizes (it’s best to use thrifted bowls, as the concrete will coat them), a bit of traditional concrete mix, cloth, water, and high grit sandpaper.

Large DIY Fire

A larger DIY fire pit is certainly an option if you have a larger plot of land and are looking for a place for friends and family to gather on a chilly evening. This version also works great if you have an empty spot in your yard you’re looking to fill. This pit calls for a small investment in limestone retaining wall rock, which is available at all the large home improvement retailers, and some good, old fashioned elbow grease. Simply follow the instructions in the tutorial.

Fireglass Pit

Who doesn’t love the fire and ice look? You can easily achieve this desirable aesthetic with a simple blue fire glass kit. Please note that fire glass produces more heat with the same amount of gas and radiates and absorbs it better than concrete or stone. You may use any of the DIY methods listed in this post, and simply fill your desired pit with colored fire glass – often readily available, and inexpensive, at most big box craft retailers.

Simple Fire Pit

Did you know you can use something as simple as cinder blocks to create the perfect outdoor fire pit? This version also involves a bit of digging, but the end product is flush with the surrounding ground and the perfect spot to share some frosty cocktails with friends.

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

The next DIY option on our list uses stacked stone and slate for a traditional, camp or ‘log cabin’ aesthetic – thanks in part to the use of old tress stumps as seating around the finished pit. This example just goes to show that found objects can be a great addition to any craft project. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Repurposed Shopping Cart Fire Pit

In keeping with the theme of trash to treasure, this next DIY fire pit option really relies on re-purposing found objects – a shopping cart. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option out there, the price tag is incredibly low – just $15 to complete. Keep in mid, for this to work the shopping cart must have a chrome finish, and you’ll need to make sure to remove all plastic and rubber that will melt when exposed to high temperatures.

Modern Style Fire Pit

Yet another group of intrepid do it yourselfers built an impressive, modern looking fire pit using concrete poured into a square wooden frame. A large metal bowl and round, grey-hued river rocks complete this cozy outdoor space.

Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY repurposed washing machine drum fire pit @istandarddesign


Up-cycling is another exciting avenue for those looking to turn trash in to treasure. This fire pit uses the drum from a discarded washing machine. While that may sound a bit funky, after some work with an angle grinder and a coat of black paint, these creative souls had a beautiful fire pit – complete with an interesting light show.  The price of the project supplies even bigger bragging rights – just $10!

Tabletop Fire Pit

The next option is perfect for homes – or rented apartments – with limited space. Using a planter, some inexpensive glass frames and river rocks from a local craft store, this table top fire feature is sure to serve as a perfect conversation piece.

Whisky Barrel Fire Pit

Whisky and wine lovers will adore the next DIY fire pit. This one used an old whiskey barrel encased in metal with a ceramic fire feature on top. The end product is stunning.

Flower Pot Fire Pit

This is another great table top option for those with small spaces. All that’s required to construct this fire pit is a colorful flower pot of your choice, a sack of small river rocks and a chafing fuel.

Colorful Fire Pit

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY colorful fire pit @istandarddesign


If you’re searching for a pop of color in your yard look no further than this next DIY option. Reminiscent of children’s building blocks, this is also really easy to construct.

Metal Fire Pit

Into clean, modern lines? We have just the fire pit for you. This one uses hot, rolled steel. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s made.

Small Round Fire Pit

This small round fire pit is the easiest and cheapest way to create a fire pit area in your backyard. It doesn’t take much materials or complicated steps. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Easy Round Fire Pit

The next pit is a great option for those looking to fill a large space in their yard.  This is an enviable circular option using retaining wall blocks and a healthy heaping of pea gravel.