Most of us have small bathrooms where there’s little space to place big furniture or make any major decor improvements. But we still want to have a cozy and attractive area, and not a place to hide from your guests. More than that, it’s important to keep your bathroom accessories stored neatly without cluttering the limited space.

Small but clever bathroom storage solutions come to the rescue as they can help you organize the space and make it look prettier. And what better way to add lots of decor value than to build something yourself, usually in our beloved rustic style. That’s why we’ve picked some of our favorite DIY small bathroom solutions for you to try at home. We invite you to try the ones you like and share your results with us.

Leaning Over the Toilet Shelf

The space over the toilet is usually left empty and it’s difficult to decorate it or use it for storage. However, if you use some creativity, you can easily build a leaning shelf that will serve to store your toiletries, towels and other accessories. The plans form Ana White will help you build it easily. You’ll love the rustic style too.

Crate Storage Unit

While this bookshelf built from wood crates can be used in any room, a small bathroom is a great home for it. First of all, it looks like a nice handmade piece of furniture that will add value to your decor. And secondly, it will give you a lot of space for storage in a small area. Check out the easy tutorial which involves just painting the crates and fixing them together.

Corner Shelves

This is one of the most clever solutions for small spaces ever. You will always find an empty corner to use for it and it will always make the room look better. Softening the corners is one of the easiest ways to increase space perception and your small bathroom is the perfect place to try it. Check out the tutorial for instructions.

Old Window Bathroom Cabinet

Hanging small cabinets on the wall in the bathroom is common and it’s a great storage solution. But instead of buying one, why not build something spectacular yourself. This antique vintage look is achieved by repurposing an old window and you can easily get it for your own small bathroom. Check out how it’s done in the tutorial.

Reclaimed Bathroom Caddy

Get some extra storage space and decor style for your bathroom by building this caddy from reclaimed materials. The rustic look is lovely and you can easily hang it on the wall above the toilet. Check out how it was done in the tutorial on Hometalk.

Reusing Old Jars

For all the small items in the bathroom you need some type of storage containers. Make them add decor value by repurposing old jars with vintage door knobs. The looks is vintage rustic and it’s totally charming. The tutorial will show you exactly how to do it.

Turn a Saucepot into a Basket

If you need more ideas how to organize all the small things in your bathroom, here’s another one. Using a simple pot is not an attractive way, by no means. But turning it into a rustic basket is a legitimate decor trick that you can use. Find more information on how it’s done in the tutorial.

Window Box Storage

Hanging baskets on the wall for storage is nothing new, so why not use window boxes for this. Wicker boxes work just great for a rustic accent and you can get the rest done easily too. Check out the full story of how to make it happen.

Rustic Towel Rail

Get this look of a small rustic towel rail that will fit even the smallest bathroom. The rustic accent adds a lot of charm to bathroom decor and it’s extremely useful to keep your towels. The DIY project is easy if you follow the tutorial.

Wooden Tissue Box Cover

It’s the little things that add character to your decor. So making something as simple as a tissue box cover from wood can be that decor detail that changes everything. Try adding it to your small bathroom along with other rustic accents to see the difference.

Makeup Magnet Board

Do you find trouble with organizing your makeup and accessories? Have them neatly stored without occupying much precious space by building this awesome magnet board. Not only it’s very useful, it looks great too and it’s the perfect decor accent for a small bathroom. Check out the tutorial for more information.

Cabinet Door Storage

This storage solution may not add decor value (since it’s hidden) but it can prove to be invaluable in small spaces. Add it to your bathroom cabinet doors where possible for lots of extra room for storage. Check out the plans and the tutorial on how to build it.

Basket Rail Shelves

This may be a very simple solution but it’s super cute. You can make more use of your towel rails if you hang attractive baskets on them. This way you get more space for storage and way more decor value. Check out the tutorial which includes installing towel bars as well.

Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

If you’re the one for spending an extra minute in the bathroom, this wall mounted magazine rack may seem like a good idea. Although, in our opinion, since you’re more likely to spend your time browsing your phone, this rack has more decor value than it is useful.

Wall Suspended Basket Shelves

There’s more than one way to hang baskets on the wall for storage and this is one of the more original ones. Baskets hung this way may store less but they certainly have more decor value. Making these shelves is easy but check out the tutorial for detailed instructions.

Box and Rope Storage Basket

Storing items in a box isn’t much of an idea on its own unless you use some creativity to add decor interest into it. This brilliant rustic design of a simple storage basket was created by simply wrapping some rope or twine around a simple carton box. Check out the tutorial to try this awesome idea at home.