An accent headboard often makes the focal point of a bedroom and sometimes even defines the entire decor of the room. If you choose to go that way, you need a headboard that really makes a statement. Cheap default options aren’t the best choice.

If you’re a crafter, you will of course want a headboard that you can DIY and build a unique feature for your bedroom decor that way. It can be in rustic or farmhouse style made of wood, or upholstered, tufted made of fabric that creates a modern look; or perhaps even one made of repurposed materials. In any case, here are 40 easy DIY headboard ideas that you will enjoy.

Rustic Wooden Headboard with Lights

This DIY headboard idea is quite a classic. Everyone loves rustic decor and having one as a focal point in your bedroom is a terrific option. It dictates a very warm decor style and the light sconces that match the style are wonderful accents.

Fabric Headboard

If you want a simple and easy option, this fabric headboard will be the perfect option for you. All it takes is a simple wooden frame and a piece of fabric of your choice to build a beautiful decor accent for your bedroom.

Pallet Headboard

When it comes to DIY rustic decor, pallet wood is the go to material, so it’s no wonder we find it in this list. This is a great rustic headboard with an uneven edge which creates a lot of charm. Light sconce fixtures make a great functional addition.

Tufted Headboard

If you were to buy one, a tufted headboard is a popular option, if a bit pricey. You can make one for pennies on the dollar if you’re willing to spend a few hours upholstering a wooden frame yourself. And as a fellow DIYer, we are sure you are.

Repurposed Vintage Window Frame Headboard

Repurposing old window frames is not only a way to make use of cheap materials, it creates a great whimsical accent in your bedroom decor too. It’s one of those unique ideas you have to try at home.

Modern Tufted Headboard

A DIY headboard doesn’t always have to be rustic – perhaps you don’t want to use that style in your decor at all. Here’s an idea for a modern style tufted headboard which is fairly easy to make as well.

Barn Door Headboard

Check out how to easily build a DIY Barn Door Headboard @istandarddesign


Going back to rustic bedroom decor, a barn door headboard is another popular option. It’s a bit more complicated to build than most of the others on the list, but its still fairly easy. The end result is guaranteed to pop and bring the whole decor together.

Rustic Shelf Headboard

This headboard idea is one of the most intricate as it combines a couple of styles and functions. First, it has a white washed rustic frame with beautiful corbel details and a shelf for display. Then it has an upholstered main part of the headboard. Truly, a wonderful design.

Wood Block Headboard

Built from a series of wood blocks, this headboard makes a unique rustic design. You have to like the uneven surface and the intricacy of texture it creates. As a focal point of bedroom decor it is loaded with charm and whimsy.

Embellished Fabric Headboard

You can add more detail to an easy to build fabric headboard by embellishing it with nail heads, as in this example. Embellishing the trim adds that small but high impact detail which is necessary in classy decor – that’s the aim in this bedroom.

Rustic Headboard

Rustic style usually comes in rough design, uneven edges and a weathered look. This headboard goes a different way and this design is beautifully constructed with complete frame and trim. Go with this idea if you want that complete design look.

Herringbone Headboard

The herringbone pattern adds that extra texture to bedroom’s decor and the white washed look makes a brilliant chic rustic accent. This idea gives you some unique variety in an unexpected way.

Upholstered Headboard with Stenciled Fabric

Another DIY upholstered headboard design using stenciled fabric. The tutorial shows you not only how to build a headboard for your bed but also how to make a unique fabric pattern to go with it.

Upholstered Headboard with Nail Trim

Another very easy to build DIY headboard project idea that you can build with some beautiful fabric and embellish with nail head trim. It’s a very cheap version too if done with inexpensive materials.

Rustic Sign Headboard

A simple design but one that makes a strong statement. This headboard is basically a wall art sign but it does both functions very well. If you want something simple but unique – this is it.

Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim

You wouldn’t believe this upholstered headboard is a DIY project because it looks so luxurious. You can make something like that at home and all you need is the right materials. The tutorial will guide you through the process step by step.

IKEA Hack Stikwood Headboard

IKEA hacks are our favorites because you can accomplish a lot of things in your home decor without breaking the bank. You can make an attractive rustic wood imitation headboard by using Stikwood sticky tiles on your basic IKEA headboard very easily. Check out this tutorial for details.

Faux Brass Metallic Gold Headboard

Quite a hassle-free DIY headboard idea. All you’ll need is a surface that can be prepared from Wood, MDF and so on (or you can buy a readymade one) and a metallic gold foil. Only difficult part is to smooth out the air bubbles under the foil as you stick it to the headboard. Check this great tutorial to find out how you can pull off a neat job of it.

DIY Herringbone Wood Headboard

Check out this tutorial on how to make a #DIY herringbone wood headboard. Looks easy enough! #BedroomIdeas #HomeDecorIdeas @istandarddesign


This is a custom headboard idea which will require you to have some basic carpentry experience as also tools such as a circular saw, a miter saw, etc. However, if you are a DIYer familiar with working with wood, this will be a cinch. Check out the tutorial to find more.

DIY Woven Headboard

A great tutorial which shows you don’t always need wood to create an attractive headboard. Follow this tutorial to get the basic idea and all you need to do then is to get some table mats that fit with the décor of the rest of the room and turn them into a perfectly legitimate headboard in virtually no time!

Channel Tufted Headboard

When you get a first look at it, this headboard looks so splendid that you may knit your brows at the word EASY. But follow the step-by-step guide on the tutorial and you’ll find that it really is easy, after all. We weren’t fibbing!

Cedar Shingle Headboard

The most amazing thing about this headboard is that it was made as part of a 24 hour complete roof-to-floor makeover of a bedroom with a modern farmhouse theme. And chic though the headboard may look, it would set you back no more than a paltry dollar eight! Pretty cool, we would say?

DIY Live Edge Headboard

Again, classic as it may look, this live edge headboard involves little work. Get a good quality grained plywood, use a jigsaw wood cutter to make the pattern you want and then stain paint using staining pads. The pictures should suffice themselves, but do follow the tutorial for a few extra details.

Diamond Pattern Blue Tufted Headboard

This project will take a little more time to finish compared to others given in this list. But the sheer awesomeness of the finished piece makes it worthwhile. Or so we believe. Follow this great tutorial to find how you can transform a beefy piece of wood hardboard into something as opulent and luxurious as this one.

DIY Tiled Headboard

We love the large and stately appearance of this tiled headboard with that unmistakably Middle Eastern style achieved through the choice of the tiles. And for all its stateliness, it is really easy and quick to make. Check the photos and the instructions in the tutorial to find more.

Woven Wood Headboard

This one is funk with a rustic flavor to it and would pretty much suit all lightly (and funkily) themed décor. The one in the tutorial is used for a King-sized bed in the master bedroom. But you can a make a smaller one if you like and install it on the kids’ room. Check the tutorial to find how easy and fun this whole project is as also to get some good ideas on how to decorate the wall space right above the headboard.

Floor Cushion Headboard

We love these floor cushion headboards for their modern and relaxed look. The finished product looks like a nice alternative to traditional headboards and the project can be completed real quick and with supplies that would cost you little.

Oversized Woven Headboard

Check out this tutorial on how to make a #DIY oversize woven headboard. Looks easy enough! #BedroomIdeas #HomeDecorIdeas @istandarddesign


If you have some old vertical blinds lying around at your garage, you can put them to great use to do up a great-looking headboard for a master bed. Building the wood frame would take you some time, and math… and patience! But once you have got the frame ready, the rest is a cinch. Check out the tutorial to find how.

King Farmhouse Headboard

Another stately-looking King sized headboard. The one in the tutorial is done with a farmhouse theme in mind. However, the cool thing about this DIY headboard is that, depending primarily on the choice of the wood, you can take many different routes with this idea: farmhouse, rustic, modern eclectic, boho, transitional and so on.

Deep Diamond Tufted Headboard

Another Diamond headboard meant for a King bed. We love this DIY idea for the flexibility it allows. For instance, you get choices to make regarding the type of decorations you want; arms/no arms; tufting/no tufting; and finally, the choice in fabric. The headboard in the tutorial uses deep foam for tufting and Teal Microsuede as the upholstery fabric.

Chevron Pattern Custom Headboard

Check out this tutorial on how to make a #DIY chevron wooden headboard. Looks easy enough! #BedroomIdeas #HomeDecorIdeas @istandarddesign


We simply adore the neat and sophisticated look of this DIY custom headboard fashioned with thick plywood sheets and pine furring strips. Check the tutorial to get a full list of materials you will need for the project and for instructions on planning and execution.

DIY Repurposed Door Headboard

It is always nice if you can repurpose old but in-good-condition materials into a headboard. Saves you a hoard of money plus gives you the satisfaction of accomplishing something all by yourself. This tutorial guides you through how to fashion a headboard frame for a queen bed by repurposing an old door.

Cedar Picket Fence Headboard

If you want something big, bold and sturdy and one which looks super classy at the same time, you will love this DIY headboard idea. Made out of 13 cedar fence pickets which will set you back about $30, this is also a steal for the size and look you get.

Upholstered Headboard with Nail Head Trim

Check out this tutorial on how to make a #DIY upholstered with nail trim headboard. Looks easy enough! #BedroomIdeas #HomeDecorIdeas @istandarddesign


Another large DIY headboard that you can use as the centerpiece of your bedroom. This one is a fabric batting pasted over a base plywood frame board. Choose the fabric to match the theme and decor of your room. Please check the tutorial for detailed instructions.

DIY Tufted Headboard

Did you know that different headboard shapes came with different names? Well, check out this tutorial to find whether your current King bed headboard is an Alexander or a Radcliffe! And yes, while you are at it, do check this excellent step-by-step guide on how to make a cool looking tufted headboard without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Faux Tiled Headboard

If you want a lightning fast DIY headboard on a razor thin budget, you will love this idea. You will need some foam faux titles, some scotch mounting tape and absolutely zero DIY skills to prepare this one. And for all that, it looks classy enough. Check the tutorial and give it a try if you want.

Salvaged Barnwood Headboard

Another repurposed headboard idea you are going to love. If you don’t have the barnwood at your own home, you can easily get some at any garage sales and needless to say, it will cost you little. Follow the instructions on the tutorial to DIY this big, farmhouse theme headboard. We especially love the uneven shapes used in this headpiece.

DIY Book Headboard

Nighttime reading, anyone? Well, this one is certainly above board, but if you are one of those persons with a cheeky taste for things ‘above board,’ you are going to like it. This is also repurposing to the extreme. The photo here must’ve given you a good idea of what we are talking about, so if you are still interested, please feel free to check the tutorial to find how you can get this one made for and by yourself.

Canopy Headboard

Looking for something different? You need to go no further than this great spin-off on the very idea of headboard. What is more, it is super easy to prepare. All you need are two metal rods and some length of fabric and there is your canopy headboard ready in little to no time. Check out the step-by-step guide on the tutorial to find how to DIY this.

DIY Rope Headboard

We love this rope headboard idea for the simple and elegant look of the finished product. Once more, you use an old door as the base and wind the ropes around it to make the headboard. As for the color and texture of the ropes, you can choose anything that you think will suit your existing décor – just make sure the ropes are sturdy enough. Follow the tutorial guide to make this DIY project.

Marquee Sign Light Up Headboard

This one is perfect to give a unique and playful feel to your headboard. Ideal for the kids’ room or to put at the guest room. Check out this marquee sign-inspired DIY headboard tutorial to find a step-by-step guide to this project.

DIY Floral Headboard

Made with West Elm paper flowers, this one again is unique and can act as a great focal point to your room. Follow the tutorial to prepare this floral headboard made with a white Moroccan headboard as the base with paper flowers taped to in a beautiful and eye-catching pattern.