You can make these easy DIY ottoman projects even on a tight budget! There’s no other piece of furniture so versatile and functional as an ottoman. It can be used just about anywhere at home, from the living room to bedroom and sometimes even in the bathroom. It can be the perfect central accent piece of the room that all furniture is positioned around. And it can be that handy convenient piece by the sofa for many uses.

There are many styles and forms in which an ottoman can be made and its use depends on it. But above all, we’d like to introduce you to the idea of building your very own ottoman. Yes, you can do it even if you’re not a seasoned crafter. And here are 15 DIY ottoman ideas that you can easily try.

Coffee Table Turned Ottoman

You can use an old coffee table as the basis for a fresh new ottoman that will transform the look of your living room completely. As you can see, the process is pretty straightforward.

Electric Spool Ottoman

An old electric wire spool makes the perfect frame for a round ottoman. And by building it you can be proud for reusing and recycling materials.

Upholstered Pallet Ottoman

As we know perfectly well, pallet wood makes an awesome material for many DIY projects. An ottoman is not an exception and you can build an awesome piece of furniture with it.

IKEA Ottoman Hack

We love IKEA hacks because we can make great things from inexpensive standard furniture. Check out how this awesome tufted ottoman is made from a plain coffee table.

Tufted Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are great in their function as well as style. Such a piece of furniture offers a lot of storage space as a unit and it looks good in a room against the wall.

Utility Bucket Ottoman

Make this easy DIY ottoman from a utility bucket @istandarddesign


This DIY project is simply brilliant because it makes a very attractive piece of furniture from a simple utility bucket. It’s perfect to rest your feet when placed against a sofa or a chair.

Pouf Ottoman

Pouf is a cozy sort of ottomans and you can make one yourself too. Here’s a DIY project for a pouf for you to try.

Storage Ottoman

Need more storage space? Here’s how you can build your own storage ottoman form scratch. Some wood crafting skills are required but instructions are included.

Washtub Ottoman

Of all the things that can be transformed into an ottoman, a galvanized wash tube is perhaps the most surprising. It makes a great rustic accent, though, and we love it.

Ottoman from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Make an easy DIY ottoman from recycled plastic bottles @istandarddesign


This has to be the cheapest material you can build an ottoman from. Can you believe a bunch of plastic bottles and carton is all it takes? And of course, fabric of your choice to make it pretty.

Drawer Ottoman

An old drawer as the frame for an ottoman makes the piece of furniture chic and whimsical. Try this project for a unique ottoman.

Burlap Coffee Sack Ottoman

Use a burlap coffee sack to upholster your ottoman. It’s a nice and warm rustic accent for your decor.

Pouf Ottoman from a Floor Mat

It doesn’t get any more simple than this. Use a floor mat as the perfect material for a pouf ottoman.

Oversize Pouf Ottoman

If you like them big, you can sew this oversize pouf ottoman. Just follow the instructions for an easy DIY project.

Sew a Pouf

Here's how you can sew your own DIY pouf @istandarddesign


Introducing more shapes to your decor is only a good idea. So why not sew this pretty round pouf ottoman for your home.

Check out 15 easy DIY ottoman ideas you can make yourself @istandarddesign

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