Why buy when you can do it yourself? The pursuit of the home of your dreams can get really expensive and leave you hanging mid way when you underestimate the costs of even the smallest of decor pieces. Yes, you will have to buy most of the things, but if you save by doing it yourself whenever you can, that will move you a lot closer to your dream house.

Take a closer look at what things you can actually do yourself and it will cost you just a fraction than if you bought the same thing in stores. Not only that, you win double because you can choose your personal style. Here are 15 things you can DIY to save on home decor.

Abstract Art

Have you ever thought after buying a piece of abstract art for wall decor (or that empty space above the sofa) that you could easily do it yourself? You were totally right, and no one will be none the wiser. Check out the tutorial to see how easy it is.

Vintage Art

Same goes for vintage art made from salvaged materials. You can get the look that costs up to $50 or more in stores, and you get to choose the style.

Suspended Shelves

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Hanging Rope Shelf #crafts #homedecor

Tutorial: nur-noch.com

You can save a lot on shelving units if you create these suspended shelves out of cheap boards.

Metallic Mirror Frame

A mirror frame like this is a wonderful accent that adds class and makes your home look expensive, but it doesn’t have to be actually expensive if you do it yourself. Check out the tutorial to see for yourself.

Custom Headboard

You can splurge on a quality mattress but definitely not on the headboard. There are many ways to create an inexpensive but stylish headboard, such as this one made out of rubber door mats!

Makeover Side Tables

Stylish side tables make the decor look well put together but they can get really expensive. Instead of buying them from stores make over a cheap thrift shop or yard sale find.

Upgrade Cheap Nightstands

This particular DIY tutorial shows you a $400 knock off and there’s no reason why you should pay that much for a nightstand. Get crafty and you’ll have one at a fraction of cost.

Painted Area Rugs

You can spend a lot of money on area rugs in a style you want and it may be worth it because a rug anchors the entire room decor. But you can get the same result with a cheap rug and a little paint job too.

Custom Candles

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Candle Images #crafts #homedecor

Tutorial: h2obungalow.com

Scented candles are fine and you can keep a stash of them for special occasions but you don’t have to blow your budget on accent candles when you just want to light up the room for a romantic mood. Get some cheap candles and transfer a picture on them for a custom style using this tutorial.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures aren’t easy to craft yourself but you can get certain looks at little cost. Rustic, industrial or even chic style can be achieved with just a little creativity, like these fixtures made out of wire baskets.

Stylish Stools

Stylish colorful stools make great accents but there’s no reason to pay that much to get a design you want when you can make over old or cheap ones.

Painted Kitchen Backsplash

There are many ways to install a kitchen backsplash but the cheapest option has to be using paint. You can even get the faux tile look at a fraction of cost of real tiles.

DIY Ottoman

Can you believe this beautiful ottoman was made out of a utility bucket? There are many ways to create one but this must be our favorite.

DIY Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be quite expensive but you can build one out of an IKEA table top and simple table legs for a wonderful mid-century look.

Accessory Knockoffs

Home decor accessories can cost a pretty penny and more often than not they already look like a DIY project. So why not make the real thing at a fraction of cost? This Anthropologie accent mirror that costs $400 was made for under $15.

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