If you want to perk up your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, the solution is obvious. You have to do it yourself – make your own decor accessories. And a good place to start is a DIY chandelier.

It’s a great way to light up your home (literally and figuratively) and feel good about it afterwards, especially if you can involve reused eco-friendly materials in your project. And while there are hundreds of ideas out there, here we have 15 of our favorite DIY chandelier ideas that you can craft from just about any material available.

Capiz Shell Chandelier

This chandelier is made using real capiz shells which have a translucent quality (unlike other kinds of sea shells) which are great for a light fixture. If you can get to buy the shells, you can transform any builder grade chandelier to a beautiful decor statement.

DIY Crystal Chandelier

A crystal chandelier is one of the most sought after kinds of chandelier and for a good reason. Making one is an easy way to add some elegance and class to your decor without spending much money at all.

Hula Hoop Chandelier

A Hoola Hoop has the perfect shape for a DIY chandelier so no wonder there’s an easy craft project for it. Combined with string lights it makes an excellent ambient light fixture.

Orb Chandelier

An orb chandelier is a very good decorative option because it adds architectural interest by becoming an instant focal point in a room. Be prepared for it to take over and dictate your entire decor.

Wax Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier

We’ve already had a capiz shell chandelier but in case you don’t wish to buy real shells, you can make a very similar one with wax paper. Granted it’s not as impressive yet still has a lot of decor value.

Bentwood Pendant Light

A bentwood pendant chandelier inspired by West Elm is a great project for an attractive chandelier that you can make yourself. Try this project, especially if you like knock off decor.

Bubble Chandelier

Bubble chandelier is truly whimsical so if you like to add some wonder to your decor, make this adorable DIY project. It will certainly be unique.

Globe Chandelier

Check out the tutorial how to make this cute #DIY globe chandelier #homedecor #upcycle @istandarddesign

Tutorial: thebravelife.co

We just love repurposed and upcycled items. This globe pendant chandelier is simply adorable in its simplicity and brilliance. Do it and you’ll love it.

Rope Chandelier

Using rope to create your custom chandelier will add a rustic, industrial or even nautical element to your home. And while you can argue about the style, there’s no arguing about its charm.

DIY Beaded Chandelier

Much like crystal, beaded chandeliers also add a lot of class to your decor but they maintain that cozy quality as well. Check out how you can make one yourself.

DIY Rustic Chandelier

Love the idea for a DIY rustic chandelier @istandarddesign

Idea via: Pinterest.com

There are many ways to create a rustic chandelier, mainly using wood, mason jars, reusing materials. In any case, a rustic chandelier is always overloaded with charm.

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

One of the most popular ways to create a rustic chandelier is using mason jars as they make the perfect light fixtures. Here’s how you can create one of these wonderful chandeliers.

DIY Paper Orb Chandelier

Paper craft is an excellent way to create a beautiful chandelier as it gives you so much room to be creative. Only one note is to use heat resistant paper like wax paper or such as in this case, cupcake liners have been used.

Brass Pipe Chandelier

There’s a lot of value placed on brass elements in decor community lately and if you’re one who follows trends you might enjoy using it as a tip. Or perhaps you just like the metallic quality of brass and what it brings to your decor. In any case, it makes a brilliant chandelier.

Wooden Beaded Chandelier

Wood is a great material to add to your decor accents and naturally, we love to see it in an attractive chandelier. Adding beads is one of the easiest and absolutely cute ways to do embellish a light fixture.

Twig Chandelier

Twigs make great rustic accents and you can use them to build a very interesting chandelier for your home. It takes just an old chandelier that you can use for the frame and a lot of twigs. Make sure you understand the underlying fire hazards in the choice of light bulbs though.

Rustic Chandelier from Tree Roots

You’ve probably seen a tree root chandelier on Pinterest. It looks whimsical and cool – the ultimate rustic accent for your home. Now you can make one yourself by following this tutorial. You only need to find the right tree roots to begin with.