Today we’re going outside to spend some quality time in the fresh air and prettify our garden just a little bit more. This time we’re looking into some unique DIY planters to sprinkle some decorative accents around.

Join us to implement some of these 15 ideas many of which are very simple. Let’s do some jazzing up.

Tree Trunk Planter

If you can get your hands on a rotted out tree trunk piece, it will make a great easy to make DIY planter for your garden.

PVC Pipe Planter

Whether you have some of it left over or you can buy some PVC pipe for this project, it’s a fairly easy way to build a vertical garden planter.

Toy Car Planter

Old toy trucks make cute little planters for small plants to add around your garden as an accent piece.

Old Bike Planter

If you happen to have an old bike (or you can pick one up in a yard sale) you can use it for a planter. All you need to do is attach some boxes or cans to it. It makes a great whimsical accent.

Swing Tire Planter

Hanging an old tire from a tree makes a great vertical planter. You can paint it any color for a better look.

Rustic Watering Can

An old watering can makes a cute rustic planter, all you need is to get your hands on one.

Teapot Planter

All you need is an old teapot or two, whether they are metal or ceramic.

Colored Tire Planters


If you want to add more color to your garden, paint a few old tires and use them as planters.

Old Drawers


Before you throw away an old dresser, take the drawers out and use them as beautiful vintage planters.

Rain Boot Planter

Add more whimsy with old rubber rain boots by hanging them on the wall or a fence as planters.

Old Wheelbarrow


An old unused wheelbarrow will get a new life as a big planter.

Chair Planter Stand

It’s more of a stand for a planter than one itself, but an old chair can add some style to your garden.

Painted Cans

Paint some empty cans to use them as natural makeshift planters.

Old Sink

An old sink is perfect to be used as a planter not only because its shape. The faucet and saucers add some unique whimsical accent.

Old Dresser

If you can’t find any use for an old piece of furniture at home, bring it outside to your garden and use it as a planter.

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