There are plenty of DIY projects that will be both decorative and functional around your house. One of our favorites is a DIY bench, which is always a great way to provide a functional and decorative accent both inside and out. Benches are also appropriate both indoors and outdoors, and can be used for storage, for decorations, or simply to sit on and reflect.

A DIY bench can follow many styles and types, from casual farmhouse or rustic, to a more decorative look. The tutorials below will give you ideas for a wide range of DIY benches, most of which are both easy to make and affordable.

The Farmhouse Bench

If you’re looking for a simple and iconic bench for indoors or outdoors the Farmhouse Bench is the perfect answer. This tutorial will teach you how to easily make a Farmhouse Bench that will look amazingly cute and will fit perfectly into many spaces in and around your home.

Amazingly Simple DIY Bench

Here’s a bench that’s so simple to make that you can do it while your toddler naps. It also helps to create a neat and tidy space for storage underneath. Have a look at the tutorial and you’ll soon see how easy and simple it can be to create your own DIY bench at home.

DIY Upholstered X Bench

For an extra cute and comfortable bench simply add upholstery.  Not only will this upholstered X bench serve as a comfortable resting place, the addition of upholstery means you can customize the pattern and colors for any space in your home. This X bench makes a great accent piece in any room.

DIY Farmhouse Bench

One simple to make, and always welcome addition to your home, is the country styled Farmhouse Bench. This DIY project will teach you how to make this classically country styled Farmhouse bench with a minimum amount of fuss and labor. Plus it’s an amazingly affordable way to add some country flair.

DIY Rustic Bench

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY rustic bench @istandarddesign


This trendy Rustic bench sports an “X” style, provides extra storage, and looks extra special with the addition of woven fiber baskets. The tutorial for making this trendy X Rustic bench is dead simple, and says that the materials cost less than $30! You really can’t do better in terms of affordability and style.

DIY Kitchen Benches

If you entertain a lot or have a big family you need to check out these rustic Kitchen Benches. Not only do they look fantastic, they also provide plenty of seating space without taking up loads of room. Just follow the link to the tutorial and you’ll soon be enjoying your very own Kitchen Benches.

DIY Woven Bench

For a unique conversation piece you should try this DIY Woven Bench. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make, and your guests will be impressed by your sense of style and creativity when they get their first look at your unique Woven Bench.

Modern Kilim Rug Bench

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY kilim rug bench @istandarddesign


To make a real statement and brighten up any room this Modern Kilim Rug Bench is just the thing. If you’re looking for an bright and colorful accent piece that doubles as a useful piece of furniture in your home, then look no further than this Kilim Rug Bench.

Inexpensive Fabric Bench

Brightly colored and patterned Fabric Benches seem to be all the rage these days, but they can be so expensive to buy or make. That’s not the case with this DIY Inexpensive Fabric Bench, which can be made for as little as $10 according to the tutorial.

Corner Bench

From a cozy reading nook inside your home, to a special place on the porch or patio for relaxing, this Corner Bench is a hands down winner. The addition of a built-in table makes for the perfect place to rest your drinks, a book, or to display some lovely spring or summer flowers.

End-of-Bed Bench

Here’s an End-of-Bed Bench that will serve to pull your master bedroom together, while serving as a focal point for the room. It will also help take up that empty space at the end of your bed, giving the bedroom a more complete look. Have a look at the tutorial to see what I mean.

Headboard Bench

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY headboard bench @istandarddesign


This bench is beautiful, stately, and functional. It takes an old headboard and turns it into a stately bench that also has a built in storage space. And since you can use pretty much any old headboard you can make it as simple or ornate as you like, and it’s inexpensive as well.

Outdoor Bench

This cute Outdoor Bench sports a double X pattern to make it stand out. It can be perfect outdoors to provide a focal point, but is equally at home indoors where it can be used to fill an empty space. Best of all it is very affordable and easy to make as the tutorial will show.

Another Farmhouse Bench

The Farmhouse Bench is becoming increasingly popular both indoors and outdoors and the Farmhouse Benches shown in this tutorial become even more impressive when paired with the farmhouse table. You might think you aren’t ready to DIY the table, but these benches are simply a smaller version of the table, so once you make the Farmhouse bench, the Farmhouse table will be a breeze as well.

Pallet Bench

Discarded pallets are easy to find, making this Pallet Bench very affordable. It is also quite distinctive, with a herring bone pattern, although other patterns are possible. With a few discard pallets, some 2×4’s and a few tools you too can have one of these unique Pallet Benches.

Fur Bench

If your idea of comfort revolves around things that are soft, warm and furry then you’ll absolutely love the plans for this Furry Bench. It seems great for when the weather turns colder, and would go great for animal lovers or simply those who appreciate the furrier things in life.

Easy DIY Bench

If you just need a simple, functional bench look no further. Here’s an easy DIY Bench that anyone can make. It’s perfect for filling in empty spaces, and would go great in a child’s room as it is not quite as tall as some other benches.

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