DIY home decor crafts are fun but making something that will actually have decor value may be a bigger challenge than you’ve anticipated. Indeed, many DIY projects look easier in theory than they are to make in practice. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try and experiment to get better and create wonderful things.

What we’re going to do today is pick some DIY projects that are easy enough to craft so that they don’t look poorly made and cheap. Here are 17 of them.

Stencil Drop Cloth Curtains

You can quite easily make your own stencil drop cloth curtains in any pattern you like and the end result will look like expensive designer curtains.

Storage Ottoman

Making your own storage ottoman is easier than may seem at first. Follow the tutorial if you’re up for it. Imagine how it would look like positioned against a sofa and a coffee table in your living room. (Read also about our picks for the best sleeper sofas.)

Hexagon Shelf

The shelf looks unique and it’s a brilliant detail for the wall decor. And it’s easy to make out of actual popsicles. (Read also about our picks for the best bookshelves for small spaces.)

Pallet Coffee Table



The idea is so popular that it’s almost mandatory to make one for yourself.

Suspended Wall Flower Pods

You can make these from jars and the use for these pods isn’t limited by just flowers, they can be perfect for small kitchen utensils or bathroom accessories.

Dream Catcher

A must have for a little touch of bohemian decor.

Designer Light Switches

Light switches are one of the biggest home decor eyesores, and this is a great idea to use them to your advantage.

Cut and Paste Art

Cut and Paste Art



And it looks like a piece of abstract art by an artist.

Scrabble Coaster

An ingeniously simple idea to glue Scrabble letters together for a cool coaster.

Reusing Bottles in the Bathroom

If you find the design of a bottle appealing, it’s so easy to reuse it for a soap dispenser rather than throwing it away.

Candle Lamp Shades

Just an awesomely cute idea for candle holders (use the templates).

Wall Art Fragments

Ideas like this are perfect to quickly and easily hide small wall cracks, ugly wiring or cables.

Pebble Coaster

Another great idea for the kitchen. This coaster is practical as much as it’s decorative as it’s the perfect pad for hot utensils.

Mirror Shard Frame

Quite an easy project for a wonderful art deco result, and you can use stained glass or ceramic too.

Ice Dyed Fabrics

This is a beautiful result of ice dyeing. Here’s a tutorial.

Gold Dipped Ceramics



A great way to customize ceramics for an expensive look.

X-shaped Magazine Holder

Check out the tutorial: #DIY X-Shaped Magazine Holder #crafts #homedecor


This little organization wonder will solve the dilemma of magazines and newspapers lying all around. And it’s simple enough to look good.

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