One of the highest impact kitchen renovation projects you can do is to update an old countertop. It may be an old laminate countertop already worn out and chipped, so painting it, replacing it with a different material or otherwise improving it will completely change the look of your kitchen for the better.

And while replacing the kitchen countertop with marble or granite can be rather expensive, you can get virtually the same result with DIY countertops. We have 7 easy to follow tutorials for you to choose from.

Concrete Over Laminate Countertop

Concrete is cheap and it looks good with an industrial style accent in your kitchen decor. But making one can be quite an involving project. Here’s a project to get the same look by updating your laminate countertop without having to replace it.

Painted Granite Countertop

Painting is an easy way to get the look of the real deal. This tutorial shows how to paint your laminate countertop for the faux granite look.

Chalkboard Paint Countertop

If you’re going to paint it, you might as well be creative about it. Choosing chalkboard paint gives you a statement matte black look and a surface for notes or even art.

Wood Countertop

Wood looks amazing and it’s surprisingly durable as a countertop. It’s a lot easier to make than concrete and a lot cheaper than granite, marble or quartz. And it is a natural material which is always better than laminate.

Penny Countertop

Going with an unconventional design, this idea for a countertop made of pennies is simply brilliant in its creativity. It gives the decor that metallic copper finish too, which makes a great accent.

Painted Marble Countertop

If you’re a fan of marble, here’s a tutorial for you how you can paint your laminate countertop for the faux marble look.

No Paint Faux Marble

If you hate painting, you have an option to use contact paper that comes in marble pattern. It’s the easiest and a non-messy way to update your countertop.

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7 DIY Countertops