Building your own furniture may seem like a complicated project that only seasoned handcrafters would be able to do. Indeed, some pieces of furniture may require elaborate plans, well thought out and thorough work to complete. If woodworking is not your forte but you still want to try building something for your home, you can start with a small and less complicated project like a DIY coffee table.

We want you to try the wonderful craft of making your own furniture, as small as it may be, so we’ve selected only the easiest DIY projects for coffee tables. Choose the one you feel like you’d be able to do and give it a go. We’d be very excited to hear how it went.

Wood Slab Coffee Table

Check out how to build this easy DIY Minimalist Coffee Table @istandarddesign


This wood slab coffee table is one of the easiest to build because it takes just preparing the slab, applying a finish and adding hairpin legs that you can pick up in a hardware store. Put all things together and you’ve got a unique and stylish coffee table.

Industrial Coffee Table

If you can saw and screw pieces of wood together then you will easily build this coffee table. Apply different type of finish to the wood surface and the legs to get the brilliant industrial style look.

Quick and Stylish Tile Coffee Table

Check out how to build this quick and easy DIY Tile Coffee Table @istandarddesign


A clever use of materials makes building a piece of furniture a breeze. In this example, a wall or floor tile is being used as the surface and all you have to do is make the frame and legs for it.

Copper Pipe Coffee Table

Some copper pipe and a wooden board can make this wonderful minimalist coffee table with a touch of industrial style. It may be a bit tricky to cut and connect the pipe together but with some effort you can build a brilliant accent piece for your decor.

Pallet Glass Top Coffee Table

Pallets make great coffee tables with minimal work, the trick is making them look attractive enough to be used in your home decor. This idea to use a glass tabletop solves it brilliantly.

Balustrade Coffee Table

When buying certain materials you can already see the end result and how quite easy it is to get there. Get four ornate wood pillars and you’ll see what you can accomplish.

Spool Bookcase-Coffee Table

Repurposing material is quite often the way to go, especially when an item already has the shape of a piece of furniture you want. This bookcase-coffee table made from an old spool is a great example.

Pallet Wood Rustic Coffee Table

Going for a rustic style piece of furniture gives you many options as you can reuse wood to get great results. Pallet wood is perfect for a small coffee table, for example.

2×4 Board Coffee Table

Being creative means you can save a lot of work, such as basically using just a bunch of 2×4’s to create this whimsical coffee table.

Suitcase Coffee Table

And finally, the last but not least tutorial on the list will show you how to upcycle an old suitcase into a unique and whimsical accent coffee table. It will become the feature of your home decor in no time and you’ll be proud to have made it yourself.

Industrial Piping Coffee Table

Industrial piping tables are among our favorites because they combine the rustic warmth with cold industrial elements. The design of this coffee table has a lot of decor interest and can easily be the focal point of the living room. If you can build this gem yourself at home, that’s all the better.

Coffee Table from an Old Door

Repurposing projects are always a lot of fun, so is this DIY coffee table made from an old door. It also includes storage space so it serves as more than just a table. And of course it has a lot of rustic appeal for your home decor. Check out the detailed tutorial to find out how it’s built.

Mid-century Coffee Table

Mid-century style has a lot of appeal in home decor with its strict lines and hairpin furniture legs. And while a coffee table like that is quite pricey to get, you can build it for pennies on the dollar. Just follow the tutorial for detailed plans.

Rustic Lift Top Coffee Table

This rustic coffee table is as good looking as it is practical. You can make this table using the Rustic X table plans from Ana White. The lifting top turns this coffee table into a makeshift small dining table.

DIY Coffee Table from 2×4’s

The coffee table has always been the centerpiece of a living room, and it only makes sense for you to do it yourself. You already have the tools, and now you just need to get the 2x4s to get the job done. Consider the colors you are going to use, and make sure it is a color that will match many settings just in case there are furniture or carpet changes at some point.