Minimalist home decor is a safe way to increase your interior appeal. Using neutral color and small accents gives you a unique way to experiment without going all in. That’s what we love about this decor approach the most.

What’s more, minimalism makes DIY projects a lot easier. You can take on a home decor project and expect a stylish result even if you’re a beginner. To make it even easier for you, we’ve made a list of top 20 minimalist DIY decor project ideas to choose from. And here they are.

Leather Tab Jewelry Holders

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Decorating rooms with jewelry is a viable way to introduce unique pieces to the wall. The project uses several eyelets and necklaces to create a fashionable décor design.

Minimal Copper Airplant Holders

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Copper airplant holders are another impressive minimalist concept that provide a unique dimension to interior spaces. The project incorporates plants, leather lace details and copper couplings and elbows to create a striking feature. The plants are placed in the shiny copper elbows and couplings. The decoration provides a contrasting look to the white walls.

Test Tube Vase Antlers

This project is perfect for anyone looking to transform walls with a combination of branch antlers, test tubes and a wooden board. The piece boasts an irresistible artistic appeal thanks to the shield design on the board. The design gives an impression of a plant sprouting from the wall via the test tubes.

Wood Triangle Bookends

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Wooden triangle bookends provide a minimalist way to keep books well-organized. The pieces also add an eye-catching appeal to the setting with geometric designs. The project requires a miter saw, wood, glue, paint, a pencil, a painter’s tape and a paintbrush.

Hanging Wall Organizer

A hanging wall organizer serves a dual purpose by providing a specially designed feature for organizing and beautifying the space. It boasts a pocket for storing items and a pad for hooking or sticking notes and other artifacts. In addition, the piece features a multi-page notepad for writing down notes.

Minimalist Wall Hanging

Transforming walls can be done in a few easy steps using basic materials. A minimalist wall hanging created in this project is made of black yarn, wood beads, a twine and a wooden rod. The materials are creatively crafted to produce a real work of art.

Minimalist Plywood Shelf Headboard

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This plywood shelf headboard project keeps things simple in a refreshing way. The result is a contemporary and unique design that transforms the room and catches the eye. Plywood gives the headboard an industrial touch without the metals. The project is budget-friendly and easy to handle.

No-Sew Rope Coil Basket

Rope coil baskets create a gorgeous decorative feature in any room. It has all the hallmarks of a superb artistic piece that comes with well-designed handles. It is made of cotton piping, which gives the piece a rope-like appearance. Unlike traditional rope baskets, this number is built using a hot glue gun.

Rustic Wall Hanging

Creating a rustic wall hanging is an affordable and fun way to jazz up walls. The project requires two plain planks that will be fitted with hooks. The planks are partially painted on the bottom part and attached to the wall. The hooks can be used to hold decorative elements like glass vases.

Standing Mirror with Wooden Shelf

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Creating shelf space can be done in a stylish manner while maintaining a minimalist approach. In this project, the wooden shelf comes with a full length mirror that turns a simple design into an attractive piece. The mirror creates a welcome distraction from the items stored on the shelves.

Branch Hanger

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A branch hanger provides a strikingly simple feature on any wall. It mimics the appearance of a picture frame. It features two plain sticks, a rope and a dried eucalyptus branch attached to the bottom stick.

Boho Lumbar Pillow

A black and white Boho lumbar pillow creates a striking look in any bedroom. Its subtle blush tones add character to an airy white interior space. The accessory achieves the objective without compromising on the minimalist look. It complements the white duvet covers.

Furry Stool with Gold Legs

This DIY project takes a few minutes to complete and requires a few materials. It adds a distinctive cozy look and feel to the room thanks to the furry details. It brings a refreshing appearance when placed next to flowers. Its fur is white while the stool is painted gold in keeping with the minimalist theme.

Frame Ladder Shelves

This project creates innovative frame ladder shelves that look simple and spectacular at the same time. The shelves can accommodate a wide array of decorative items, including vases, flowers, pottery, picture frames and more. The shelves have a distinctive ‘A’ shape that catches the eye.

Flower Wall

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Flowers provide an inspiring dimension to any minimalist room. In this project, flowers are glued and then hung on the wall by tying a loop on the top flower head using a fishing line. This decorative element is placed next to the bed to act as a unique headboard.

Cork Bench

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This project is aimed at revamping a plain space by adding a simple cork bench. The unit is placed in the entry way with cushion accents. The bench was repurposed for the role by spraying it with black paint to produce a shiny new look.

Wood and Leather Hat Rack

A hat rack project involving the use of four sticks that are tied down to create one of the most minimalist racks. The feature can be used to hang handbags, jackets and more.

Blanket Ladder

This blanket ladder project provides a refreshing decorative element to any room without breaking the bank. The ladder, which retails at  almost $200 can be created for less than $10. Yet, the results are impressive. In addition, the DIY project is simple and quick; it can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Wooden Bead Pendant Light

This DIY project entails creating a pendant light using colorful beads as part of a nursery project. The beads provide a stunning contrast to the stark white walls and other other minimalist decorative elements in the room. The pendant is made of wire covered with cloth, colorful wooden beads and a classic light bulb. The completed piece adds a splash of color to the nursery.

Bubble Chandelier

This project involves the creation of a magnificent bubble chandelier that adds minimalist character to the room. It achieves the objective without making the room feel cluttered. The champagne bubbles retain a simplistic element yet they look sophisticated and opulent. The bubbles were created as part of a DIY project, thus saving the boutique owners thousands of dollars.

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