What You Should Known When Buying Antique Furniture

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If you are planning to buy any antique furniture piece then you should know how to identify such an item. There are fake and replicated items that are sold as antique. You will find that there is no fixed definition of what is antique.

Generally, items that are 100 years old and difficult to find are considered antique. However, fine antique dealers consider only those furniture pieces as antique that are at least 150 years old. When buying such an item, you have to consider what would be its resale value. At some point of time, you may want to sell your antique furniture. Will you be able to receive higher price than the purchase cost?

You should know how to identify an antique item if you want it to be a good investment. Many old furniture items designed intricately in old styles are sold as antique pieces. You can identify such furniture pieces easily. Some special woodworking and joining techniques are of recent origin. The type of joints and joining techniques used in making the furniture indicate the time the piece may have been made.

Furniture machines came into use only around 1860. Before that, hand tools like drawknife and plane were used. Straight saw markings can be seen in furniture items made with these tools. Look for label or signature of the furniture maker. If you know these details then you can easily verify whether a furniture piece is antique, vintage, a few years old, or a replica. The value of an old furniture is based on the demand and limited supply. Items available only in limited number and high in demand command higher value in the antique market.

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The value of the furniture piece is determined by its condition, origin country, artistry, and the wood’s quality and finish. Look for a piece that is rare but functional. A furniture with unusual design, color, shape, size or style shows the item may be rare. A piece that is difficult to reproduce has higher chance of being rare. Take help of an expert specializing in this field if you face difficulty identifying antique furniture.