Today, farmhouse decor is among the hottest home styling ideas. This is no surprise considering that the designs make any type of space cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. The kitchen is an important section of the house. It’s where you cook and collect what to eat. For this reason, many refer the kitchen as the “heart of the house.”

In short, a kitchen makes a home complete. Designing your kitchen in a farmhouse style is an intriguing idea. The term farmhouse implies typical rustic ideas. So, traditional furniture or wooden beam as the source of lighting amounts to great farmhouse application. Below are 35 terrific farmhouse kitchen decor ideas that you can copy to transform your kitchen.

60″ Round Table

This farmhouse furniture is great for the kitchen. It’s not only cute in appearance but it is also easy to clean. The table is spacious enough, and thus a good choice for families.

White Cabinets and Shelves

You’ll never go wrong with a whitish decorated kitchen. If you are keen on small details and you want your kitchen looking neat always, you can have both the cabinets and the shelves painted white.

DIY Barn Door

This simple technique is to make the kitchen door unique and adventurers. The rolling hardware is a simple way of expressing love in the kitchen. The overall look of the door is a vintage one.

White Antique Table

With a partly black painted wall, the stationing of a rectangular medium-sized antique makes your kitchen’s dining space perfect. You can fix two or more seats depending on the size of your family.

Antique Utensil Hangers

This design is one of the most unique and attractive kitchen decorations. You can hang your cups and pans on the utensil hangers.

Clear Flower Pots

You’ll never miss the farmhouse point if you place a clear flower pot in the middle of the kitchen table.

Vodka Jar for Flower Soaking

If you are looking for a way to prolong the lives of your flowers and make them smell much better in the kitchen, you should soak them in vodka. The smell is very pleasing.

Personalized Jar Labels

If you are having clear glass jars for storing your spice, flavors, and other ingredients, they will look much nicer if labeled.

Farmhouse Woven Basket Drawer Inserts

With creative maneuvering, you can transform your woven baskets into ideal storage sets to be inserted as drawers under your main kitchen table.

Ceramic Storage Set

You can have your ceramic jars for tea, coffee, and sugar engraved with signs indicating the contents.

White Old Baker’s Cupboard

This design is old school but very classic if used in a modern a kitchen. The cupboard can be used to store your kitchenware.

Natural Antique Dining Set

The beauty of antique furniture set is that they can be employed in any kitchen. The presentation of the natural set is very attractive and classic.

Hanging Portraits

The family pictures look good in the kitchen just like in the living room. You can place them on the kitchen shelves to provide inspiration when dining as a family.

Traditional Lantern Set

This idea is to make your kitchen appear old school but cozy. The lanterns are meant to inspire you when in the kitchen. They also offer some decorative touch.

Leather Cushioned Stools

These pieces are best for the dining section of the kitchen as they offer you comfort and class. They are attractive and give your kitchen an authentic farmhouse experience.

Hanging Clock

In most cases, you are expected to time yourself in the kitchen. The hanging clock helps you to manage your time, and also act as farmhouse decorations.

Natural Wood Full Dining Set

This setup is designed to give your entire kitchen a farmhouse touch. All the dining pieces (table, stools, and armchairs) are made from natural wood.

Rug and Paperwhites

If your dining tables lack attractions, you could do with the paperwhites and the rug. They are meant to add a farmhouse feel to your contemporary kitchen.

Kitchen Antique Messages

The simplest way to incorporate a farmhouse idea into your kitchen is by putting up love messages strategically. The kitchen is an entry point into the house, and thus should appear so.

Engraved Ceramics

There is always beauty in having some of your ceramics engraved with personalized messages. Common accessories to personalize include the mugs and bowls.

Hanging Artistic Chalkboard

The chalkboard is both a decor and a kind reminder of what the kitchen is all about. The piece is meant to promote the physical look of your kitchen, and to some extent, the chalkboard makes the ambiance so inviting.

Woven Pendant Light

The accessory is meant to make the kitchen look natural—and with a farmhouse touch. This idea is vintage but classic at the same time, and the decor is great for the contemporary kitchen.

Open Shelves

The bowls and cups look pretty when placed on the open shelves. The shelves should be wooden with metallic support.

Huge Window

The best way to position your huge window is adjacent to the sink. This is to ensure that you get the best natural lighting when washing the dishes.

Baby’s Breath on a Natural Dining Set

This setting is ideal for a simple kitchen. The baby’s breath is meant to brighten the natural-looking dining set and the entire kitchen.

Blue and White Dining Chairs

The seats are meant to add class and style to your dining set. The chairs are not only beautiful but also unique; thus convenient for the modern kitchen.

Backsplash Tiles

If you want to give your kitchen a beach-like look, the backsplash tiles are a good choice. The tiles should cover your entire kitchen space for uniformity reasons.

Natural Timber Sink Top

This design is meant to give your kitchen a natural and classic look. The wooden sink tops are a great addition to the white kitchen cabinets as they make the entire kitchen attractive.

Natural Wooden Table with Woven Seats

An unpainted dining table with woven seats gives your kitchen a natural look. With a set of yellow flowers, you are able to brighten up your kitchen.

Semi-glass White Cupboard

Ideally, this design is meant to give the kitchen a vintage look. The cupboard is simple with sections for cutlery and ceramic ware. The glass section is to promote viewing of the cupboard details.

Red Metallic Shelves

If you are wondering how to organize your ceramic utensils, a simple grilled metallic shelf is worth considering. The design is to give your kitchen a lively experience.

Moody Green Kitchen Cabinets

This decor gives the kitchen a fabulous and attractive look. The color has a garden feel and the approach is farmhouse-like. The moody green cabinets are a combination of class and modern design.

Island Table

If you are looking for a classic and an elegant looking kitchen with a beach-touch, the island table is an ideal option. The whole look is magnificent, especially for the modern kitchen.

Blue and Cream Kitchen Cabinets

A mixture of bright and dull colors makes the kitchen unique and stylish. The blue color goes well with the lower cabinets—adjacent to the kitchen sink—and the cream color is for the upper cabinets.

Blue-painted Kitchen Door

This design is meant to brighten the kitchen. The blue door goes well with white drawers and shelves. The idea is perfect for both the traditional and modern kitchen.