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Designing the Perfect Italian Kitchen

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Planning on a kitchen redesign? Why not change your kitchen into a spacious but ergonomic Italian kitchen? Italian kitchens reflect a mix of traditional style with contemporary convenience and they can be truly beautiful. If you want a few ideas, here are a few tips that should prove helpful.

Tip #1 — Incorporate an island in your kitchen

A kitchen island is the perfect way to incorporate space and seating in any kitchen size. Most modern Italian kitchen use central islands with tile tabletops to create a perfect seating cum storage arrangement.

Tip #2 — Upper cabinets are necessary

Most people like recessed drawers and shelves to store their kitchen items but upper cabinets are a-must. They are practical and beautiful as well. Try adding cabinets with open glass fronts. You can store beautiful plates, crockery or plain stainless steel utensils in these cabinets but they will act as display cases as well. If possible, extend all cabinets to the ceiling. This creates maximum storage space while eliminating the need to dust in high-up areas.

Tip #3 — Use decorated backsplashes

Most kitchens use plain white or off-white backsplash areas that are covered with tile. You should consider using brightly colored ceramic tiles, or glass tiles to give your kitchen a brighter look. Rustic Moroccan tiles or even hand-painted Sicilian ceramic tiles are perfect for the area.

Tip #4 — Put some appliances in a cabinet

Most appliances can be stored in extended cabinets. For example, you can recess ovens, kitchen hoods, and even refrigerators. However, there has to be a balance between cabinetry and esthetics.

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We hope that these few tips have helped to inspire you with your Italian kitchens redesign. If require help, do write in to us and we will be happy to help you with ideas and material sourcing.