Inevitably, wears and tears appear in your home over time, that’s just natural. Paint gets chipped on the walls, cracks appear, the floor finish gets worn down, the furniture collects dents and scratches. The time to remodel and renew approaches but until then, you need to cover the wears and tears before they become eyesores.

So today, we’ve made a list of 12 quick DIY fixes to cover the most common wears and tears that come up in home decor over time. Use them until you get ready for a deeper update and remodeling.

Cover with Sheepskin

If your sofa or upholstered chairs have stains, tears or scratches that are impossible to clean or fix, covering it with sheepskin is a stylish option that adds coziness to the decor. If you don’t remove it, you can hide the defects until you decide to replace the furniture.

Paint Furniture Fabrics

Another option to renew your sofa is painting it with fabric paint. It’s actually a long lasting fix that will prolong the lifetime of the furniture. Check out the tutorial.

Cover Dresser Drawers with Wallpaper

Drawers get worn down because they are used so often. One option is to paint them, but an easier one is to add self adhesive wallpaper that will hide the tears and give it an upgrade in style.

Cover Old Furniture with Fabric

Is this look of a table covered in faux snakeskin something you’d sign up for? If so, check out the tutorial and you can choose any pattern of fabric you like.

Fix Shelf Cracks with Resin Inlay

Check out how to make easy DIY resin inlaid wood shelves @istandarddesign


This idea of filling the cracks of a shelf with resin is something else. If your wooden furniture has earned some cracks, it can be a blessing in disguise as you can give it this striking accent.

Embrace the Washi Tape

Washi tape is a godsend to hide just about any small cracks, chips, holes and other eyesores on the walls. Create wall art while covering the ugly spots without having to repaint or apply wallpaper.

Update the Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash gets a lot of beating over time, what with the oil splashes and constant washing down. This tutorial shows you how easy it is to update it with self adhesive faux wood flooring strips.

Add Catch All Drop Zones

One of the keys to minimize the visual wear and tear look is keeping your home as clutter free as possible. Adding beautiful baskets as drop zones for everything all around your home is a great way to do that in style.

Wallpaper the Surfaces

We’ve already mentioned the wallpaper upgrade for dressers, here’s how you can take it a step further. This tutorial shows you how you can cover up just about any piece of furniture.

Rotate the Dining Table

This is one of those ideas that makes you say, “why didn’t I think of it?”. The floor in your dining area wears down as your family uses it several times a day. But if you rotate the table regularly, it will wear down more evenly.

Paint the Faucets

Once the faucets in the kitchen and the bathroom wear down, there’s a cheap step you can take before replacing them – spray paint them for a new life.

10 Minute Pillow Covers

Here’s how you can easily and affordably make your own pillow cases to replace the old ones, if you’re up for a 10 minute DIY project. Also check out our DIY pillow cover ideas.