It’s been a great year for home decor with a lot of new trends and ideas. More importantly, as a community we have developed new tastes and preferences to how we decorate our homes. Pinterest has been the evidence of this, as new tendencies in what people share have emerged. One of them that we’ve seen stick out has been the alluring farmhouse style.

What makes farmhouse decor so attractive as compared to similar shabby chic or rustic styles in general is the absence of rules. You can have simple rustic accents, mix them with worn down vintage or modern clean pieces and have an aesthetic look. This simplicity¬†with the ability to make a home feel like home is really captivating and we love it. So today we’re sharing 15 DIY essentials for you to create simple farmhouse style at your very own home.

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Farmhouse Style Hanging Wire Baskets

You can start with very simple accents, such as these attractive rustic wire baskets that can be used as mini gardens or for functional storage. The project is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of materials. It makes a pretty significant farmhouse decor accent, though.

Barn Wood Shutters

Barn doors can make a great accent decoration for the walls or mantels and as part of decor displays. It immediately brings out the farmhouse style and the coziness that comes with it.

DIY Farmhouse Table

As a more elaborate project, those of you who like wood-crafting will love this DIY farmhouse table. It will transform any dining area into a real farmhouse style marvel.

Jute Placemats

Small accents like a placemat are always welcome to infuse some farmhouse style to your decor in a subtle way. You don’t always have to go all in to embrace the style and enjoy just small parts of it.

Farmhouse Window Decor

An old window frame has always been one of the icons of farmhouse style decor. It’s rustic simplicity is always attractive and we love having an extra virtual window that we can embellish with flowers.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Looking for an interesting but cheap way to make your decor interesting? Create drop cloth curtains for a touch of farmhouse decor. Look down the list to find an attractive curtain rod idea to go with it.

DIY Farmhouse Style Shelves

Check out how to make these easy DIY farmhouse style shelves @istandarddesign


Make your shelves more attractive with rustic corbels which create lovely farmhouse style accents. For such a simple addition to your decor it has quite a big visual impact.

Farmhouse Bathroom Hooks

While there are many farmhouse decor ideas for the bathroom, one of the easiest and quickest is to add bathroom hooks for towels.

Farmhouse Curtain Rods

We’ve had the drop cloth curtains on the list, here’s the farmhouse style curtain rod to complete the look. Even if you’re not a fan of drop cloth curtains, this rod will add a nice accent for any style of drapery.

Farmhouse Sign

It seems that a farmhouse sign is a must if you want to go with¬†the style in your home decor. It’s easy to make so here’s a tutorial for you to follow.

Stepladder Side Table

This rustic stepladder side table is truly gorgeous and we love it. Build it for your complete farmhouse bedroom look.

Rustic Shadowbox Frame

Check out how to make a rustic DIY shadowbox frame for farmhouse decor @istandarddesign


Here’s another idea to decorate your walls in farmhouse style. A rustic frame with a mason jar of white spring flowers. It gives an illusion of a shadow box which adds depth to this wonderful decor accent.

Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn door has to be the staple of farmhouse style decor, so if you’re going after this style you have to have it at home. Here’s a tutorial how to do it.

Wood Striped Wall

Wood plays a major role in farmhouse decor so we have a lot of elements of it. That means not only pieces of furniture but decorative accents as well. This simple wall stripe idea adds a lot of depth to room decor.

Repurposed Paint Can Flower Pot

Check out how to repurpose a paint can to a DIY farmhouse style flower pot @istandarddesign


As usual, we love adding repurposing and upcycling to any list of DIY decor ideas. Here’s one for a farmhouse style hanging flower pot made of an old paint can. Enjoy!

Rustic Window Shutters

To add a significant farmhouse decor accent to your kitchen consider rustic window shutters. White washed out paint will give the wood a shabby chic look and you will enjoy the extra privacy the shutters provide. They are pretty easy to DIY too.