Few home decor styles are presently more popular than the modern farmhouse. The farmhouse style is unique, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. It brings to mind wide verandas, neutral tones, weathered wood pieces, and loads of warmth, character, and charm.

When it comes to bringing the modern farmhouse vibe into your space, some simple decor ideas and accent pieces can help you achieve it simply and inexpensively. You don’t have to live in the country to have your own personal farmhouse. Some fun and unique updates to existing spaces or pieces can effectively breathe the farmhouse spirit into any space. Enjoy these 20 inspiration points for creating a modern farmhouse look and feel.

Bathroom Paneling

Adding white paneling to a bathroom adds instant character and visual interest to the space. For small washrooms, it can add an open and airy feel, in addition to charm and warmth.

Woven Rug

Cultivating a farmhouse-style entryway really sets the tone for an entire home. Adding a textural element like a large woven hallway rug is a great way to accomplish that layered look that speaks to the farmhouse vibe.

The Power of White

White is the ultimate color when it comes to the modern farmhouse. It is clean, fresh and neutral. A dining room with white walls, and additional white accents, creates perfect flow and harmony.

Throw Pillows

Adding multiple throw pillows to a sofa creates that homespun feel and layered look so characteristic of the country home.

Block-Letter Kitchen Sign

Adding a block-letter sign to a kitchen adds a powerful graphic punch, while calling to mind country market signs.

Accent Wallpaper

Wallpaper has enjoyed a comeback, and as it is a simple way to add a ton of character, it’s easy to understand why. Ideal for adding a feature wall, wallpaper lends the space depth and visual interest.

Sliding Barn Doors

Few things scream farmhouse more than barn-style doors. Adding sliding barn doors with the complementary hardware to a shelving unit instantly adds charm and functionality, as a TV or other storage can be hidden behind the doors when not in use.

Weathered-Wood Furniture Pieces

Adding even a single weathered-wood furniture piece to a space adds instant character and the homespun country feel, in a fun and inexpensive way.

Neutral Paint Tones

Characteristic of the modern farmhouse, pairing neutral paint tones like whites and greys is the perfect way to breathe some warm neutrality into a living room.

Window Bench

Adding a window bench is the ideal way to draw attention to the natural light and beauty of a window. It also provides the perfect local for a little light reading and tea drinking.

Chunky-Leg Table

When it comes to a farmhouse dining room, a chunky leg table is a must. Even when paired with modern minimalist chairs, the farmhouse feel shines through.


When it comes to replicating that feeling of farmhouse hospitality, adding an indoor wreath brings to mind those welcoming country home front doors.

Fireplace Focal Point

As the hearth is often thought of as the heart of a home, combining a brick and paneling surround creates an ideal feature wall around which furniture is arranged in a living room.

DIY Wall Art

Adding some unique DIY wall art like a gallery book wall creates a one-of-a-kind feature wall in a space. Above a desk is the perfect place as it frames the space and creates a visual story.

Rural Artwork

When it comes to breathing some farmhouse spirit into a space, few things will accomplish this more fluidly than adding some artwork depicting a rural scene.

Textural Layers

The bedroom is the perfect place to add some textural layers in the form of bedding, pillows, and a fluffy rug. These elements work together to create an intimate and cozy space.

Visual Vignette

Creating a visual vignette in an entryway via an entryway table paired with farmhouse-style items like baskets, pine cones, and flowers provides a home with the ideal welcoming platform.

Geometric-Patterned Rug

Adding a geometric-patterned rug to a dining room helps demarcate the space, while providing a bold pattern for the eyes to feast on.

Wall Hooks

Adding some farmhouse-style hooks to a space is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also adds functionality and storage to a room.

Oversize Wall Clock

Rustic wood pieces and wall art in a space instantly warm it up with a dash of character and homespun appeal.