The humble laundry room has the potential to transform into a beautiful space with a bit of work and imagination. A few changes is all it takes to turn it from drab to fab. Choose an approach based on your aesthetics, budget, time and abilities. If you need a few ideas, then browse magazines or search the Web for inspiration.

We’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of 30 laundry room decor ideas. These examples range from minimalist arrangements to more rustic designs. Some of them may entail substantial costs. Others can be completed without spending much money. If you’re ready to see them, then let’s get started!

Shiplap Inspired Wall

The plain room gets a rustic overhaul thanks to the addition of a shiplap wall. Instead of actual boards, this budget-friendly project uses printed wallpaper. Shelves add vital storage space with style.

Neat Laundry Room

This one keeps things simple by taking all the clutter away. The Spartan space has subway tiles covering the walls up to the ceiling. The wooden shelves and rattan boxes give it a warm homey feel.

Luxury Laundry

If money and space are abundant, then you may want to consider this project. It features great big cabinets with a rich brown finish and elegant fixtures.

DIY Marble Countertop

A monochrome palette that creates visual interest through various textures, patterns and shades. The marble countertop adds a touch of elegance in this otherwise utilitarian room.

Text and Trinkets

Different types of décor bring this space to life including potted plants, a rattan bowl, orange towels, red circular carpet, framed images, and witty quotes. The simple wood shelf above should be easy to replicate.

Sock Sign

Socks have a way of disappearing when you need them most. Here’s a way to keep track of the lonely ones until you find their missing pair. Hang this sign to speed up the search.

Farmhouse Laundry

Another room with shiplap walls that add character to the white surface. A tapestry laundry sign hangs on one side, above a wire basket, while a bigger sign dominates the other side. Rolled towels and mason jars sit atop a shelf.

Oversized Décor

Massive safety pins make an immediate impact because of their unusual size, especially in relation to the other items on the counter. They could be fun decorative additions or practical hook attachments.

Perfect Signage Accessories

A dull laundry room can come alive with inspired add-ons. Each of the crates have their own signs for organization. A bigger sign in the middle serves as the focal point.

Patterned Tiles on the Wall

Ceramic tiles with intricate patterns can break the monotony of a plain wall, especially if they are placed around a window. Have a solid plan for selection and arrangement for a unified look.

Intricate Carvings on Storage Boxes

A pleasant room lessens the pain of doing laundry. Make an effort to improve the decor. In this example, stylish shelves and wooden crates with intricate carvings make an attractive sight.

Keeping It Simple

This clutter-free room features an overhead cabinet where items can be hidden away. A framed sign announces the purpose of the space while a black-and-red carpet adds a splash of color.

Wood and Gold Trims

The white subway tiles serve as a backdrop for the wooden cabinet, shelf, countertop, and washing machines. The sides are painted black while the tops have a coat of varnish. Gold-plated fixtures pop out for a dash of sophistication.

Brick Wall and Symmetrical Storage

The bricks create a nice accent wall in the background. In the foreground are twin appliances and storage compartments in a symmetrical arrangement. Along with muted colors, the result is a clean and ordered appearance.

Oversized Sign with Distressed Cabinet

A large green sign welcomes people to the laundry room. Under it is a distressed cabinet with barnyard doors with a great deal of space inside for knickknacks. A key holder can be found on the left while a small blackboard hangs on the right.

Painted Accent Wall

Instead of using tiles for the wall, the surface can be painted using stencils to ensure a perfect pattern throughout. This one uses interlocking hexagons but you can substitute anything that you have in mind.

Green Room

Most of spaces featured so far had white walls to make the rooms feel bigger and make decoration easier. However, this should not prevent anyone from trying different hues like the dark green in this image that goes well with the hanging wreaths.

Outdoor Laundry

The washing machines can be moved to the outside as long as there is a nearby source for water and power. Since it’s the outdoors, plants tend to be the perfect décor in this setup. Maximize vertical space with a shelf rack.

Laundry Room Decal

Decals are often found in bedrooms but there’s no reason why they can’t be used elsewhere. Consider placing some in the laundry room. They could be quotes, images, or a combination of the two.

Shabby Chic Décor

Get the basics right such as a clean background and you can pretty much accessorize to your heart’s content. Creativity can let you to do so without spending much. Hang plants from the wall, use colored paper for signs, and upcycle old boxes for storage.

Plants as Decoration

Plants naturally give life to any space. They can be placed in the room in different ways as can be seen in the image. One is on the shelf while another is on the floor. There is also a succulent on top of the machine and a framed picture on the wall.

Plywood Shiplap Wall

In another variation on the theme, this homeowner cut plywood into 8-inch planks to mimic the look of shiplap. It is a much cheaper way to get the same effect.

Black Cabinetry

In this design, everything is anchored by the black cabinetry that provides ample storage for cleaning agents. They are sealed from above by butcher block countertops to add warmth and make the space feel more like home.

Organized Laundry Room

The space can get cluttered if you aren’t careful. Prevent this by installing shelves, wire racks, weaved baskets, hooks, and bars that will keep things organized. Designate a specific purpose for each area.

Mosaic Tiles

This design idea is great for small spaces that aim to make a big impact. Carrara marble tile was used to cover all the walls from floor to ceiling. It can take a bit of work but the end result is simply stylish.

Laundry Room Renovation

This renovation was inspired by farmhouses with its shiplap walls, distress countertop rusted pot, and old vent. Plants soften the look. The lamp provides illumination at night while the sign adds charm.


Mirror Image Design

Here is a room where the left and right sides are virtually identical from the cabinets down to the appliances. Additional points of interest include a hanging lamp, a framed canvas, a small potted plant, and a laundry sign.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

Storage space is plenty in this small space thanks to big cabinets that run from the floor to the ceiling. The walls are painted matte green while the cabinet interiors and countertops are bare wood.

Repurposed Waste Materials

What should have been junk was plucked and repurposed for the laundry room. Wooden planks became a sign and small hanging shelves. Meanwhile, galvanized pipes turned into a sturdy rack.

Coastal Laundry

Shiplap accent wall and weathered wood sign makes cute coastal style decor of this small laundry room. It just shows how a few strong accents can make stunning decor with little effort.