Storage is very often the number one problem in homemaking as well as home decor, especially if your living space is relatively small. And even if you have plenty of room for storage, you don’t really want random things to be in the view spoiling your well thought out interior design.

That’s why any clever storage and organization idea that hides your stuff effectively is the best idea in the world. We love them too so we’ve come up with quite a list of 45 amazingly clever ideas that you absolutely must try at home.

Coat Hanger Hat Organizer

Use a simple coat hanger with an array of curtain hooks to hang your hats for easy and convenient access without cluttering up. The same idea can be used to store much more than hats.

Under the Cabinet Storage Drawer

Limited space means getting creative and you can use your kitchen cabinets a lot more effectively too. Build under the cabinet drawers to store knives and other utensils.

TP Tube Cable Organizer

Cables can get messy but not if you organize them well. Toilet paper tubes work surprisingly well for this.

Cabinet Door Cutting Board Storage

Great idea for cutting board storage holder on the inside of cabinet doors @istandarddesign


Cutting boards are compact so storing them is not much of a problem. Especially when you use free cabinet door space so effectively.

Under the Sink Organizer

The space under the sink is convenient to store various cleaning tools and items. But it tends to get cluttered up. Use this organization idea to keep it tidy at all times.

Corner Shelving

Corners are usually empty in any space. If you like to use your space effectively, install corner shelves that can be used for storage and display.

Bathroom Organizer Rack

Using spice racks in the bathroom can give you a lot of space to organize your shampoo bottles and other small things.

Wine Rack Towel Holder

Wine rack in the bathroom? That’s a brilliant idea so long as you’ll be storing towels and not actually bottles of wine.

Under the Shelf Storage

Cabinet space can be used a lot more effectively if you use these useful holders for small items under the shelves.

Pan Storage Rack

For pans to take up less space, use a corner rack like this that will organize them for very easy and convenient access.

Magnetic Strip Organizer

Having lots of small metallic items in the bathroom can get messy. Here’s an idea to use a magnetic strip to store everything in order.

Pull Out Pantry

Hidden storage units are very useful, especially in small spaces. Here you can see a pull out pantry that uses dead space next to a fridge effectively.

Door Mounted Towel Racks

If your bathroom is so small you can’t find enough space for a towel rack, you can use the space that’s available cleverly. Use the door to mount the racks.

Shoe Rack Hooks

If you mount coat hooks low near the floor, it makes the perfect shoe storage rack. Place in your entryway.

Pallet Rack

A good old pallet makes a great storage unit for various tools in your garage.

Billy Bookcase Nightstand

Having more storage in your bedroom is becoming more commonplace and so is using a small bookcase for a nightstand.

Under the Cabinet Drawers

There’s a lot of space to be used for storage under the cabinets and you build drawers to make use of it.

Under the Bed Drawers

Use the space under the bed effectively by making use of pull out drawers on wheels.

Curtain Rod Organizer

Nice idea for a curtain rod shower organizer @istandarddesign


Organize your shower items better with a curtain rod and hooks. It makes for an easy access and eliminated clutter.

Magazine Holders for Vegetable Storage

To keep your kitchen cabinets clean and tidy, avoid bags to store vegetables and use magazine holders instead. The labels even help you keep it organized.

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