What is a WiFi Thermostat?

smart thermostat

It’s a smart thermostat that you can control with your phone via your home Wi-Fi network. Here’s how it works. There are funny memes that …

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Do Container Homes Hold Value?

Cargo container house

Want to invest in a container home? But do container homes hold value? Let’s find out if it’s a feasible investment. Read on! Container homes …

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3 Great Locations for Home Offices

backyard office

Working from home is a rewarding experience as much as it’s a challenge. What helps is creating the right space in your home. Here are …

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How to Limit Noise in Your Home

floor insulation

It’s easy to limit noise in your home but it takes planning from the beginning. Here are essentials you need to know. Read on! For …

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Top 3 Types of Bathroom Thresholds

bathroom threshold vinyl floor

There aren’t many types of bathroom thresholds but you can use your creativity on this seemingly modest floor element. These are the main three types …

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5 Easy Tips to Make Over Your Garage

garage illustration

Making over your garage can give you so much extra interior space that’s otherwise unused. And it’s easy as following these five tips. Read on! …

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3 Renovations Your Home Probably Needs


While popular renovation projects get the spotlight, some things in your home are neglected more than anything else. We have identified three renovations that most …

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How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?

hvac systems

The short answer is 15 to 25 years. But the exact answer depends on several factors. We break it down in this detailed article. Read …

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How to Measure for Roller Blinds

measure window frame

Considering getting roller blinds for your windows? Here’s what you need to know to correctly measure for them. Read on! Roller blinds are one of …

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How to Detect Hidden Water Leaks

detect a water leak

Have you found all the water leaks in your home? Hidden leaks are lurking and they can be dangerous. Here’s how to detect them. Finding …

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Storing Weights at Home

garage gym

Haven’t figured out where to store your home gym weights yet? Here are a few clever ideas on storing exercise equipment at home. Read on! …

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What Are Carbon Brushes Used For?

carbon brushes

Want to know what are carbon brushes used for and how useful are they in your household? Here’s the detailed answer. Maintaining and understanding the …

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Top 5 Home Improvement Projects


Looking to start a home improvement project? Here are the top five you should be considering first. Read more! Free time is something most people …

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Top 9 Modern Window Design Ideas

modern windows

Looking forward to renew your home’s windows? Check out these modern ideas to give it an up-to-date look. Read on! Windows can influence the feel …

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5 Top Tips for Redesigning a Kitchen

kitchen warm scheme

Looking to redesign your kitchen? Start with these five essential tips to make a picture-perfect remodel project. Read on! Like with many things in life, …

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5 Best Indoor Plants to Repel Insects

Indoor insects are sometimes some of the most annoying pests of all. You should be free from bugs when you’re inside. Still, sometimes an enterprising …

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4 Tips on Designing Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe can say a lot about you. Although wardrobes are more of a personal thing, you can freely design your wardrobe to look better …

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5 Signs You Need Home Remodelers

A home is important for different reasons. Having your own home allows you to safeguard your own health and your family’s, as well. A home …

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Tips for Selling a House As Is

No matter how much you love your current home, you might want to sell it someday. In fact, US residents sell over five million homes …

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6 Cheap and Easy Bedroom Upgrades

Moving from one location to another is a long-term process. After you’ve scout through several movers and decided which moving company to hire, you have …

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industry decor

Our website is proud to have Saul Cerni on board as a contributor. He is a seasoned home decorator and has several mentions by the …

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